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  1. .-....... Sad facee

  2. *Morale rate drope by 99.9%* Booo

  3. 1 on 1 training from the z himself

  4. Also we gotta play more. I still need to understand the game more. I wanna pick up Tsu and Haz as a secondary.

  5. and oh my gosh... We got the same birth date :D.

  6. Anytime tommorow or thursday?

  7. Are you busy anytime today before the uWink party? If you going, we could play at my place and then leave toward there. I live near the 101 Freeway -Tha Hindu

  8. Ask Mike's if you could go over. Train some CS over there.

  9. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhblue

  10. Can i get a ride 2 :D

  11. carpool me to mike :D

  12. chilling at home... Getting better at TvC and BBCS? :D I haven't been playing since you know what happened.

  13. curse you davidd.. found any way to go there btw?

  14. Dacidsis much. Proud of your mashing on A's Need to counter with that mashing :D!

  15. Do u want to head to A.I together? We could go on a quest to discover stuff about our character. Who knows what crazy gimmicks we could find. We could get more play time.

  16. Double dhcb to a 3D? Also can u special cancel to any distortion with chain?

  17. dude wanna hang and do something this fridayy?

  18. get on aim before I fall asleep again >.