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  1. Yup I fallen aslepe. Darn it.

  2. get on aim before I fall asleep again >.

  3. Nvm they got it. Friend told me there was 2 BB CS over at A.I? Going to Mike today or A.I?

  4. Wouldn't A.I update their twitter on it?

  5. n shit 4got it was your birthday yesterday. Happy birthday >.<. BTW do they really have 2 cabs?

  6. I still got that l4d shirt. Want it?

  7. Likewise. I wasn't able to go because it was full last week. Hopefully he'll let us in for this week.

  8. Anytime tommorow or thursday?

  9. Do u want to head to A.I together? We could go on a quest to discover stuff about our character. Who knows what crazy gimmicks we could find. We could get more play time.

  10. hey kro what sup?

  11. Popular people are uncool.. Well most of them >.<. I was part of the unpopular group till now. Now I'm in the "I don't really care because I'm cool likez that".

  12. Mehhh It still cool to find someone with the same birthday. I feel like I'm not alone coming into this world.

  13. I know riteeeeeee. I haven't heard of someone with the same birthdate in llike since I was little. And I forgotten her.

  14. and oh my gosh... We got the same birth date :D.

  15. Double dhcb to a 3D? Also can u special cancel to any distortion with chain?

  16. Can i get a ride 2 :D

  17. Hey I haz a question. How do u do the motion for Hazama astral? Also did U cancel 4D to it or did u special cancel 4D?

  18. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhblue