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  1. If you give me a ride man. I got no car to drive. Only tommorow and Sunday I have a car. I spot gas.

  2. What time u be going there early? I been going there really early these days.

  3. R u going livestream tommorow? If you are.. can I get a carpool? I been going to A.I these pass 2 days.

  4. Also we gotta play more. I still need to understand the game more. I wanna pick up Tsu and Haz as a secondary.

  5. Tushar. I wanna work in Top Tier Gaming somehow. Give me your contact info >.=

  6. Ohh man I left my stuff in your car.

  7. Are you busy anytime today before the uWink party? If you going, we could play at my place and then leave toward there. I live near the 101 Freeway -Tha Hindu

  8. Hey Tushar. Can you help me get prepare for Triple Threat?

  9. Hey Mike I wanna ask if we could team for the next 3 v 3. Our name would be "Mike n Ike" lolz