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  1. Are you refering to the Montreal subway transit system or VIA transit system?
  2. Damn, Pui's post about KOF and HNK brought me back from the dead. I too vote for KOF and HnK. The only two games that matter, and GG.
  3. Well, I'm going for sure, and I think 5-6 of us are gonna go since it's pretty close. Most of the times there's at least 5-6 MTLers at ottawa events. Not sure about the BB turnout, hoping for 20-30 but realistically, if it's only MTL and Ottawa, i'm expecting 15-ish. I doubt we'll be doing a hotel since we're planning on driving up and coming back when it's done. We might look at a youth hostel though.

  4. Just curious, how many of you guys are going to Ottawa and how many do you expect to join? Also, you guys doing a hotel or what? I might be interested since its local (kind of lol)

  5. DioBrando

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    Yo, Mr.Mortified!!! I am starting and I got so many questions from this noob. Hopefully they are easy for you. 1) I got a MCthullu that came unassembled which I had to assemble on my own. After doing that, I noticed my final product looked nothing like the one in the picture http://www.lizardlick.com/Toodles-Cthulhu-for-Multi-Console_p_542.html It has everything except for the two blue things and what looks like a modem port. Would this PCB be usable? 2) Is there any way to tell what kind PS2 Dualshock A I have without opening the controller? I am trying to figure out if mine could be done solderless or not. 3) I still do not understand what it means by common ground and non-common ground in PCB. In fact, I am not quite sure what grounding means. From what I know electrons go from an area of higher electrons to an area of lower electrons. This lower electron area is the ground. Would a common ground be an area that is a ground for all/multiple inputs. 4) Why would a non-common ground be bad in multiple PCB projects?
  6. DioBrando

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Zeron: You forgot to add 236D after 3C. General Corner Combo note: I haven't read the previous posts before me so I do not know if I am contributing much or not. Don't have the game on me right now to verify damage or heat gain but for optimal or a strong corner combo. If you are very close to the corner: 5B 5C(2) 2C 3C 236D (3C 214D~C) 66 [should cross up and be in corner] 5C(2) 2C 623D, 5C(1) 6C, 662C j.CCCCC 5C 623D [throw opponent into corner] 66 3C 632146C (or 214D~A) Most of the time, you would gain super bar or just enough. You might be able to add 3C 214D~C after 236D. If you are too far from the corner to do the above corner combo, you can do the variation Zeron posted and add 3C 214D~C Forward throw variation: 6BC 3C 214D~C 66 [should cross up and be in corner] 5C(2) 2C 623D, 5C(1) 6C, 662C j.CCCCC 5C 623D [throw opponent into corner] 66 3C 632146C (or 214D~A) There is no trick to land 3C 214D~C except do it as fast as possible. If you don't, you'll miss 214D~C. This might work off of 4BC into corner, but you might need to switch 214D~C for 236D. For optimal or strong super combo (that I do) 6A/whatever into 236236B 66C (into corner) 5C(2) 2C [add in necessary 6D 4D if I want to gain heat) 623D 5C(1) 6C 662C j.CCCCC 5C(1/2) 623D (throw into corner) 663C 632146C(or 214D~A) Before the first 623D, I may need to add in 6D and/or 4D when I need the necessary heat gain for the super at the end of the combo. Whether you may need it or not depends what you normals you use to start with and how much heat you start with. Do note that when you add in 6D and 4D, doing the last 623D would have to be done much more immediate and may not connect.
  7. mind games, don't out think yourself. remember, he said he plays under kurosu style sol. unless he decided to switch it up
  8. <@bellreisa> one day, dio brando decided that he would give up his vampiric ways and take up teaching. he decided to start small and teach young children, so he went to the kid's section of his local library. he found a book there with many pictures where he was supposed to find one particular person. this task was very difficult and made him upset, so he began screaming WRYYYYY. when asked by the librarian what the problem was, he said... <@bellreisa> WHERE'S ZA WALDO

  9. DioBrando

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Zidane has been editting and updating the combo list. You need 6D 66 6D for Hazama, Litchi and Valkenhayn.
  10. DioBrando

    [CS1-CSE] Hazama QnA and Tidbits Thread

    Something that can be useful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRtMMx5JwgY Ignore the fact that the video is called a combo video. There are some combos of use here (j.6D combos, backthrow combos and 236C combos) and whatever that might be of interest. I don't know how easy any of these are, and some of them feel awkward to try out (like the repositioning combos). But hopefully someone would use it.
  11. DioBrando

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    Played around for a little bit, thought this might be of use. Backthrow > 5DD > j.C(1/2) > dj.C (5) > 2C 4DD > j.C(10) 214B - 2900~ damage, 42 meter gain. Might be able to add in a 4DA but I have no success. I found this to be easier than the other combo listed in the combo thread. The other one gives a bit more damage like 50 to 100 but you gain 5 more meter for this combo. I recommend this over the other one if you cannot land 2 hits from the j.C. Good for helping you get closer to that 50 meter for mind games. Should be able to work on everyone if the 5D connects. Had a hard with Ragna and I think Noel, but its possible. Didn't get the timing down for them. Edit: Little question, is there a reason why people do 5C(1) 2C in their BnB when you can do 5C(2) 2C?
  12. DioBrando

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    His power to one shot means he does even more damage in Mugen. Even with higher proration from earlier moves may still lead to death if the combo is applicable. I dunno about you guys but I see 6D with a new purpose for oki set up. 6D, hop in and oki. Depends on the property of 6D. BOJ7: What I meant earlier was if Toronto and Montreal were to ever meet in a group, we can have exhibition match. Like 5 vs 5 for example. If we have a strong player base, we can also do 14 vs 14 (one player for each Arcade character) or 17 vs 17/18 vs 18.
  13. DioBrando

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    Toronto vs Montreal, almost equal player size.
  14. DioBrando

    [CS1] Hakumen Information Thread

    yeah it does. He can poke faster and there's the possibility of 2C being a legitimate good anti-air. 2C into j.2A combo or j.2C combo depending on the change they make to it. There's still the possibility of changes in frame data that can make a difference. If there's more hit stun, less recovery or something of the like, his nerfs can justify his buffs. The real problem with loke test is that only obvious changes are seen. The nitty gritty still have to be found out later on. Doing something after 6B would be a blessing. 6A block strings would be fearsome.