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  1. Yes, to my knowledge each player gets one round to try stuff out and the third round is where you both fight. But apparently there are sometimes cabs that are only for fighting so you won't get a round to test anything out if you play on that cab.
  2. CrisisEdge

    [CPEX] Kagura Mutsuki - Combo Thread

    Was just messing around in training mode trying some of the combos in the first post and got to tis one, 6C>6DA>2DA>CT>dash3C>2DC>[4]6A>5B>3C>6DC>2DB[>[4]1236C] 5250 Damage [5856 Damage] After a little experimenting I changed that combo around a little to get the same damage for only 50 heat instead of 75. Had my friend upload this combo to his channel. 6C-6DA-2DA-[4]6A-5B-3C-6D-[2]8C-2C-5C-6DC-[4]1236C (5857 dmg) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WesuO5D-EhA
  3. CrisisEdge

    [CPEX] Kagura Mutsuki - Combo Thread

    Trying to do mission #19 and having a problem, maybe there is something I'm doing wrong or can do better. Is there a recommended way to get 3C>6DC>[2]8C consistently? Is there perhaps a way to do it that gets you full [2]8C charge by the end of 6DC or is there a sweet spot in waiting until just after 6DC hits? Cause if I wait too long then they don't stick high enough on the wall. Is there something I'm missing or am I just bad and need to work on the timing? Thanks.
  4. Saw the tech, didn't see the match, it was cool. Does anyone know exactly what the video was discussing? It is clearly about combos starting from 5D~B, but is it just because of the fast recovery of the move or is there something else being done to make it recover fast enough to do a follow up like 6C?
  5. CrisisEdge

    [P4AU] Yosuke Hanamura Combo Thread

    In the corner combo "AB [AoA] > D Finisher [FC] > 236B > j2C > 2A > 2C > dl5C > 5AAA > 6C > 236236C [4426 DMG]" What is dl5C? I don't see it in the notations so maybe it's just a typo. EDIT: Ok so dl5C is Delay 5C, but that isn't posted in any of the notations.
  6. CrisisEdge

    [P4AU] Yosuke Hanamura - Gliding

    I'm using a stick. Going from A+B to R1 is a awkward stretch. The R1[A+B] into [C] feels fine it just doesn't seem to be working for me and I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. EDIT: I have kinda gotten it down. After doing it about 200 time I have a 52% success rate so I just need practice now. Still don't know what the problem was so any ideas could possibly help others looking at this.
  7. CrisisEdge

    [P4AU] Yosuke Hanamura - Gliding

    I've been trying to glide by using the above method of mapping [A+B] to R1 and plinking to [C] and for some reason it seems to mostly give me j.A+B and sometimes j.C. Could it be that I am doing it too slow or am I doing it do soon after my air dash? P.S. Maybe I will change my opinion after I learn how to do it but do most Yosukes really feel this way is easier than P4A?
  8. CrisisEdge

    [CP/EX] Kagura Mutsuki - FAQ/Q&A thread

    I see in a lot of combo videos Kagura does his D~28D distortion into his [4]1236 distortion. My question is, what is the requirements for this to work? Other than needing 100 meter? Does it have to hit at a specific height or need to be counter hit or OD?
  9. I think what you want is the dlc color that came from a magazine
  10. Well I have no plans for this weekend so as long as family doesn't get in my way I'll be able to get on. Add me when you get a chance and we can probably play this weekend. PSN:CrysisEdge

  11. I'm on this weekend.

  12. lol Sure just need to find a good window where we can both be on

  13. I have one unofficially. :3 I never am online either though. CP killed my spirit. :V But I still like playing specific people. We should play.

  14. lol Yeah and but we never played in CP. Probably cause I don't get online as much as I would like to... And you don't seem to have a psn account... lol

  15. Did we ever pla-- I see.