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    (Art provided in flyer 3 & 4 were specifically made for this Charity Event by Paxiti. Thank you for the help! Date: 8/7/12 Time: 12AM PST (8/7) - 12AM PST (8/8) Venue: 47 South B Street, San Mateo, CA, 94402 Stream: www.twitch.tv/finestko Facebook Events Page: www.tinyurl.com/P4UCharity Charities: Second Harvest Food Bank and Chicks in Crisis. Venue Fee $8 ($4 to the venue, $4 to the Charities). Schedule (PST): Descriptions of SIDE EVENTS below the schedule. 2AM *Waifu Wars 4AM *NOS Powerup 6AM (Single) Tournament 9AM Q/A with Viewers Noon (Team) Tournament 2PM *Cosplayer time 3PM (Single) Tournament 5PM *Second Harvest Food Bank 6PM (Team) Tournament 9PM (Single) Tournaments 24Hrs *All Out Attack/Charity MMs *** Charity MM Exhibitions will be held when there are no events or matches happening on the stream. Below are examples of certain Charity MM sets. – $5 – Best 2/3 (Matches) - $10 - Best 3/5 (Matches) - $50 First to 7 (Matches) - $100 First to 10 (Matches) Side Event Description: Waifu Wars (2AM): Cabinets are assigned numbers and a specific Persona 4 character figurine. The player with the highest win streak on each cabinet receives the Persona 4 figurine that was assigned to the respective cabinet. Nos Powerup (4AM): This side event hopes to highlight players who are willing to do long sets against another individual for practice or pride. Players may signup during or prior to the side event to participate. Two players will play in a first to 3 wins or first to 5 (match) wins. The loser will be required to POWERUP (to defeat his opponent) and drink a wagered amount of NOS (no bigger than a shot) after each match loss. The victor will be awarded one point, which will be added towards winning a copy of Persona 4 Arena (Ps3)! Q/A with Viewers (9AM): Stream viewers can ask questions by tweeting with #P4UCharity. Questions will be answered by Norcal top players! Cosplayer Time (2PM): Cosplayers who attend the event can commentate and speak on the stream! Get familiar with the FGC! Announcement from Second Harvest Food Bank (5PM): An announcement will be made to help support the charity and those in need. All Out Attack/ Charity MM's (All Day): 2$ eight-player tournaments & charity MMs are held throughout the 24 hour event. Participants receive a consolation charity raffle ticket and 1st & 2nd of the 8- player tournament receive 5 and 3 charity raffle tickets respectively. To start an 8-man bracket, request a paper bracket from an event organizer and pay the $2 entry fee. These tournaments will be self-run by the participants and checked off my events organizers. Players who have finished their matches must both initialize their names to show the winner and loser. This continues until first and second place have been determined. Charity MMs are exhibitions/pride matches with a monetary wager. Players will be featured on the stream and loser donates to a charity of their choice. Raffle Details: - All raffles and donations will go towards both charities equally - Contact Info (Required Online or Offline) – International Shipping Pays Own – Raffle starts at the End of the Event – 1$ for 1 Ticket, 10$ for 13 Tickets. $20 – 30 Tickets Raffle Prizes: **Disclaimer. If you win a copy of Persona 4 Arena (PS3), you will need a North American PS3. The game is region locked. **Raffle begins at the END of the Event. x 6 Copies of Persona 4 Arena x 2 Persona 4 Figurines x 4 PS3 FightStick Pros. x 6 Broken Tier Shirts x 4 Tritton AX Pro Gaming Headsets x 4 FightStick Carrier Bags. Description: Persona 4 Arena is the brand new hit fighting game from renowned company Arc System Works, known for such fighting game franchises as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. In celebration of the console release of Persona 4 Arena, FinestKO presents a 24 hour charity stream with support of Atlus, MadCatz, NOS and organized by Game Center, NorCal Install, and Dromstruction! All proceeds will go to our wonderful charities, Second Harvest Food Bank and Chicks in Crisis! Tune in to see live footage of tournaments, contests, and more fun events for Persona 4 Arena! Tournament Rules: Singles: $2 Entry Fee: All entry fees go towards charity. Double Elimination Best 2/3 rounds. Best 2/3 matches with the exception of Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals, which will be 2/3 rounds and 3/5 matches. Teams (2 on 2): $4 (Per Team) Entry Fee: All entry fees go towards charity. Double Elimination. Best 2/3 rounds. Best of 1 match with the exception of Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals, which will be 2/3 rounds and 2/3 matches. Winners of Singles and Team tournaments will accumulate points, which will be tallied up at the end of the night. Based on the highest number of points, players will be given prizes (prizes to be determined). Tournament Points Go Towards Prizes: Points will be tallied up, and at the end of the event, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in points will receive copies of Persona 4 Arena (ps3). Point Distribution: *Teams (2 on 2) Split the points between each other. *Points will be rounded up in case of a decimal place. N= Number of Entrants .7 x n points = 1st .2 x n points = 2nd .1 x n points = 3rd 1 point for participating.
  2. AJ, I believe I have wires that belong to you. I think Ginseng asked you yesterday if they did, but... maybe there was some sort of miscommunication? They are metal audio chords (red/black) with banana plug extensions. Also, I think I'm going to get a Black Magic Intensity Shuttle. AJ, if I can get it working, do you think it's worth the effort?
  3. until
    Norcal Install and Aksys Present the Norcal Blazblue Revolution Preliminary Qualifiers! This tournament will be a 3 on 3 team qualifiers for the upcoming official Blazblue Revolution tournament. The tournament will be conducted utilizing a pokemon style format and the winners will receive seeding for the upcoming Blazblue Revolution US Finals. Date: 02/04 Venue: Game Center Arcade 47 South B Street San Mateo, Ca, 94402 Doors open at 11:30AM PST. Signups ends 12:00PM PST. Example: Team A vs Team B Team Member A1 plays Team Member B1. If Member A1 wins, A1 stays on the station and Team B is allowed to choose Member B2 or Member B3 to play against Team Member A1. This continues until a team has been eliminated. Rounds will be 2/3. In Grand finals, rounds will be set to 2/3, but the team in losers has to beat the opposing team twice. The team in winners has to beat the opposing team once. Once an entire team has lost, they will be sent to the loser's bracket. If a team is eliminated from the loser's bracket, they are eliminated from the tournament. Website: www.norcalinstall.com More Information provided in this thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?10419-NORCAL-INSTALL!-Main-Information-and-Ranbat-Update-Thread After the preliminary qualifiers, Norcal Install will also be featuring other game tournaments during this event: King of Fighters XIII, Gundam vs Gundam Extreme and more! Stream by Finestko: www.twitch.tv/finestko
  4. Ordering Blaz Blue Extend. So Spirit Juice and I have 1 copy each. Rinharasaki is getting 1. 3 total. We need one more person to bring Blazblue Extend to the next NCI (I read the last few pages fairly fast, so maybe we have a total of 4 already?) I believe all of our copies will be on Ps3.
  5. Because KoF will take forever until we learn our combos that make each other bleed and hate one another. 15 minute until one player rises triumphantly.
  6. All right. Tone. I am using yours and Aginor's setup near the vending machine. Also, spark, we won't need your copies of KOF or AH3 because I believe both Tone and Aginor have copies for the ps3 (I hope). Also, please register now. The pre-reg has been updated to include kof XIII and there seems to be a new spread sheet for this month's attendees: http://norcalinstall.wordpress.com/registration/ We got to arrive early for KoF XIII though.
  7. It's official; I will be purchasing a table (actually, Dom purchased a table, but I will be paying him for it) to allow extra room next to the vending machines at Game Center. It should be able to hold at least two stations, so could someone please volunteer to bring an asus monitor, ps3, and games required? Aka, bb, kof, ah3, etc? Aginor, I believe, will bring one. Anyone else?
  8. Since KOF is a new game, my suggestion is KOF is featured, then top 4 - 8 every other game. Problem is KOF takes awhile though. about 5 - 6 minutes per match. So the worse case scenario is like it goes to the third match every time a person plays.
  9. Streetwise is held in a Round Table Pizza venue, meaning no internet. This means it can't be streamed, therefore, I'm assuming there shouldn't be any complications, since Streetwise has mainly capcom games and NCI has the non-capcom games.
  10. THIS is a huge issue. I need to talk to the FKO crew to see if we're supposed to be streaming this. I will need to get back to you about this, Chun.
  11. Willy, MM ft3 for 5 dollars in KOF XIII or FT5 for 10 dollars. You down? I will accept other money matches as well in KOF XIII.
  12. Chun approves of Dromstruction, so if any of you can make it out to this fighting game major, I'd appreciate it. You can find further details here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?12507-Updated-Dromstruction-Major-Davis-CA-Oct-22-23-BBCS2-T6-SSF4AE-MvC3-Catherine-MK9-ST-and-3s! Or here: www.dromstruction.com the 16th is the last day to register online for 30 dollars (venue fee). And yes, there will be Blazblue (and Catherine)
  13. That's fine. Critiques can be beneficial. The white spot in the brokentier logo hmm. For some reason I thought it was apart of the Broken Tier logo. As for the Capcom thing, I'm reconsidering it myself. It's not an official flier. Just something I'll throw up for this particular month's NCI.
  14. Here's the flier for this month: http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/6468/norcalinstallflieroctob.png
  15. Coopa

    [CS2] Iron Tager Video Thread

    It's going to be an amazing way to setup pressure and an incredible tool to bait out things. You can use it setup momentum-based offense with jump b, jump a, land throw, or time it correctly, so you can stop them from jumping (after you land) with a cr.b. Opponents will probably have to barrier guard to get out of a setup like that. I'm pretty curious about stupid things like jump b, jump, earliest possible jump c, rapid, and see where that leads me. Also, jump B will give me back my old CS1 bait tool to see how opponents react to tager pressure. My cs1 string was something like, 5a, 5b 5c, 6a, jump cancel barrier guard. And if they srk'd, I'd understand what kind of opponent they are, if they press 5a, I'd understand, if they did nothing, I'd do a deep jump b to continue pressure, etc. I'm also happy with the changes they made to atomic collider. More untechable time but more repeat proration. This will probably open up different oki option setups and earlier jump 2c resets (if the opponent is scared to tech) -> combo or jump 2c whiff to 720 (if they neutral tech). Overall, if they don't touch tager any further (nerf him, I mean) in the location tests, I expect him to be mid tier, and that's all I want. That will be enough to actually allow Tager players to play an entire tournament with him and actually have a chance to win. I thought Mori didn't want Tager to be good. Next thing you know, they will give tager an air unblockable in the air, and then it's all over. LOLLOLOLOl.
  16. If I start playing Arcana Heart 3 again, it's serious;y going to be because of you.

  17. Streaming equipment all checked in for. Just waiting on my ride to get there now.
  18. Coopa

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    I'm actually happy with the new changes to Tager. More untechable time with atomic collider opens up new combos. They added repeat proration, I think, so Tager players won't try a gimmick mid combo because the player will just take the damage, since another atomic collider won't do anything in terms of damage. 5b jump cancellable and buffed on block makes it huge for pressure. Maybe something like, 5a, 5b jump b, jump c/jump a to throw or 5a 5b jump b, jump aaa, 5b jump cancel again, etc. Also, with the untechable atomic collider timing becoming bigger, maybe something like, sparkbolt, 5c 6a , atomic collider, atomic collider whiff, 5b, jump 2c, 2b, 2c atomic collider, atomic collider whiff, 3c xx gadget finger, or 3c xx sledge a/
  19. Uh, I nominate myself for streaming NCI and doing BB podcasts for IPW?
  20. Actually, is there no Gundam vs Gundam side tourney? If there is not, I have misinformed several individuals on FKO that there will be a G v G. If there is no side tourney, I am incredibly sad, and will somehow not make it to this NCI and stream... (not really).
  21. I'm willing to join a team, but do realize that I have streaming duties this evo, and I just got my appendix removed (I wish I were joking). So, uh, to anyone I play against. If I'm walking very, very slowly, please understand. That said, Xie is running brackets? It would be lovely if you could run brackets near stream station 2, so we can figure out who to put up in an orderly fashion. That said, let me go barf now...
  22. Coopa

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    I can't sleep, so I went in here to read posts out of boredom. Also, Dacid. Haunts says the podcast will be up after san diego comic con. He wants to reserve original material for later 'cause it will get buried under announcements from comic con.
  23. LOLI CAR ONWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. If I get a ride, I'll gi, but not sure if I will stream.
  25. If I can get a ride there, I will go, but I really need to know if I can stream based on the upload speed. All you got to do is use the wireless or connect directly and use speedtest.org or some similar website.