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  1. Not really. Waiting for CS2 but that's gonna take a while to come out. Was thinking of using Rachel along with Hakumen, but I'll see. I've pretty much lost interest for CS1, seeing as the netcode is shitty, the game itself isn't that great, and I'm pretty ass at it. Me not being able to get to my offline scene and not having any XBL for around a month now to even attempt some netplay doesn't help either. :toot:

  2. It's not me who wanted him to play you, he was over my house and wanted to play a Hakumen besides me.

  3. Well I never played the MvC series, but the new one seems interesting to say the least. Hopefully this one will be more balanced than MvC2. If I ever decide to get into it anyways. >.>

  4. That style of countering is something you shouldn't be doing unless your opponent has gotten very predictable or you are reacting to their move. You should definitely start Instant Blocking, it's a HUGE factor of playing Hakumen, and you shouldn't be playing your matches without using it. Ever since I started doing it it's made a large difference in playing, though the lag messes it up a lot(which is why I take online a lot less seriously now). Instant Blocking is something you should already be doing instead of guessing a D to get of their blockstring. Practice in training mode and see where you can IB->6D/2D in your opponent's strings.

  5. Yeah I've been playing through FFXIII as well. We'll just have to stay tuned for those BBCS changes, hopefully they'll be announced before the actual game comes out. I'm mainly hoping Rachel gets buffed and that Mu doesn't end up being broken, lol. Just gotta wait and see.

  6. Looks like hope isn't lost; there's going to be character rebalancing for console CS it seems. Hopefully they buff Rachel at least to get her out of where she is now, especially since I'm interested in subbing her. =o Also you need to get your ass back on XBL. Been ages. e_e

  7. Goddamn, -110 rating. I don't think anyone will think less of you if you switch mains right about now, lol.