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  1. Do you have access to a 360?

  2. WallJumpMan

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    I know im jus kidding but its cool your playing labrys. Your gonna have to get used to having a garbage reversal tho so have fun with that.
  3. WallJumpMan

    [P4A] Labrys - Gameplay Discussion

    Oh get this viper player out of here You can't mash ex siesmo in this game :3
  4. you don't play online, but you play online... *head explodes*

  5. yo vinee, add me. I need to expose you on netplay.

  6. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    woah shippu has invul on first frame? shiieeeett
  7. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    Higher level normals will push the opponent back significantly further when barrier blocked then before. and ppl are just gonna hold the barrier block rly hard now to stop hakumen's puny frame traps. Just wondering wut u guys mite do to exploit that.
  8. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    So with the new barrier block how do you guys plan on changing your pressure to deal with it. examples?
  9. Hey James is there anything specific that Japanese players do compared to the American players you've fought? I realize the question is extremely broad but can you just try to answer it to your best ability? I guess this goes for you too Lord Knight
  10. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    lol when is the frame data going to be released for extend?
  11. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    also Happy New Years all you hakumen bastards :3
  12. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    hey i m having a tough time punishing bursts in extend has something changed to the system because not only do bursts feel like they come out faster after i bait them my 2a punish whiffs alot through the invisible frames (maybe i m not waiting long enough)
  13. WallJumpMan

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    jump b is overpowered just saying
  14. WallJumpMan

    [CSE] Hakumen Video Thread

    ^ya lol but its situational