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  1. [collapse] Nu Loctest Compilation Red text for buffs or things that sound good, blue for nerfs or things that sound bad 【New Moves】 Luminous Slave The move in the PV where something shoots out from above Nu ・Has N, C, and H versions like other moves ・Tracks the opponent before firing, speed is slightly slower than D swords ・Not guaranteed to come out if interrupted ・Can be canceled into from Sickle ・All versions are Fast starters ・Can't be canceled into Gravity on hit N-Luminous: A fog appears above Nu, from which a sword shoots towards the opponent after a short delay. ・Startup is a little bit slower than CP2 N-Spike Chaser ・Gives frame advantage if blocked ・On hit, floats the opponent a tiny bit before downing them. On a high air hit it lets them air tech, but there's plenty of time to confirm on reaction into D sword followups ・Doesn't combo with anything C-Luminous: Quickly fires off a Luminous. That's it ・Command works the same way as CP2 C-Spike, and you can go into it from anywhere in the animation of H-Luminous, to be covered later ・Slower than C-Spike ・Slightly minus when blocked at point blank, +-0 or better at long range? ・Combos from 6C, C-Sickle, corner throw, corner Sickle, H-Sickle...but can't be followed up in any of these cases, and can't be Gravity-canceled H-Luminous: 1000 damage raw, 80 P1, 94 P2 After doing the same setting animation, the fog stays for a while at the set location. Pressing the "D" button again shoots a sword out of it. ・It being just a D-button press is the interesting part. The firing has no relation to what Nu is doing at the time, so you could be doing stuff like a different move or barrier blocking while it comes out. ・No guaranteed startup, if you block something the set point disappears. ・Fires after a delay upon pressing D ・Can sort of be thought of as a 1-time use Relius 6D Combo Examples DD>Act (Luminous hit)>3C>Sickle>Gravity>aerial : 3164 N-Crescent>(Luminous hit)>dash 6C>H-Sickle~ Can use it to do stuff like cover your Act Parser while you do D swords>Act to get close, or pass through with Act and use Luminous as a crossup, etc. ・If you don't do anything with it, it automatically fires after about 5 seconds ・This version doesn't launch on ground hit, and staggers instead ・Frankly not really a move that can be fully understood in the few matches you get at a loctest. Nu/Lambda have not had an actual time-delay move yet so far, so it's something to look forward to 【Exceed Accel】 A new system-wide move Nu's Exceed Accel motion fires a sword that reaches from point blank to long range If it hits, she rains a large number of swords onto the opponent from behind Does 1800 raw, 3800 during Active Flow The projectile speed is on the slow side, and seems like it might be hard to combo into at mid range 【Damage-related】 Combo rate went from 70→60 There are more Fast starters overall, and even the Normal starters sort of feel like they have less combo time now 【Normals】 All unchanged Proration also unchanged 【Sword Summoners】 The thing hit with the biggest nerfs ・In general, about the same as CP2 swords ・No changes to gatlings, jump cancels, etc ・No changes to damage, proration, or Fast starters either Nerfs ・Air swords have visibly longer recovery, you can see it persist until the animation finishes →To give some more concrete numbers, you can think of it as about double the current recovery ・Window of time you have to go into D followup or other gatlings after a sword hit or block has been greatly reduced →D>hit confirm into followup D is now impossible, you have to have already input it ・4D is slow →Exactly what it sounds like, if you instant block and hold jump you can now jump-block it. ・Causes a framerate drop with some stuff, such as Growler Buffs ・Change to D sword sound effects The machine-like firing sound is now a beam. →Current: "Uiiiin-Zashu" Loctest: "Pewiiin-Don" It's like an SF movie. 【Specials】 ・Sickle: P2 buffed 89%→92% Also now launches slightly on hit, making the Gravity 5D followup easier 3C>A Gravity>5C now connects midscreen too Can be canceled into Luminous ・C-Sickle: Pull strength is weaker than the CP2 version, and untechable time decreased Starter changed from Normal→Fast starter Due to the weaker pull strength, C Gravity>5B pickups can no longer be done at long range. We'll have to think of new combo routes In the regular pull combos, there are many in which 3C doesn't come out in time anymore either. Can be canceled into Luminous, and the weaker pull strength actually ends up making it easier to set out H-Luminous (which might be the intention) ・H(hold)Sickle:Unchanged, including FC properties Can be canceled into Luminous ・Crescent:Unchanged, now has no-meter followups thanks to Luminous ・Crescent Cancel:can now go into air Act Parser Doesn't work if you're too close to the ground though ・H(hold)Crescent:Unchanged The tech launch? or timing has changed, making it harder to do double aerials ・Gravity:Wasn't listed in the move list, but works the same A nerf point is that it takes 1~2 more seconds to recover →Coupled with the combo timer, the situations where you can use Gravity twice are very limited Ex) 5D>J6DD>air Act>JC>air Supra>Gravity can't be done ・Supra:Can no longer be followed up without the use of Gravity(and only with Gravity>sword aerial) Launch height is lower than CP2, but doesn't knockdown On CH launches as high as the current Supra, allowing Gravity-less followups Changed to Fast starter No change to invincibility ・Air Supra:Unchanged ・Forward Act Parser:Unchanged Thanks to H-Luminous, seems like it'll be a major component in mixups, combos, and blockstrings in this iteration ・Back Act Parser:Unchanged ・Air Forward Parser:Unchanged ・Air Back Parser:Always forget it exists ・Legacy:Unchanged ・Calamity:Normal version is unchanged ・OD Calamity:All hits now hit mid (no longer overhead) Everything else is the same ・OD:Unchanged, Luminous can't be Act Parser-canceled ・Throw:Unchanged Due to Spike being removed, nothing combos after corner throw ・CT:Unchanged, less places to use it again, since no C-Spike ・SMP Due to a system change, normal moves no longer have SMP, while all specials do (but only damage is affected). Wonder how being able to use 6C multiple times is going to work into things 【Nu Impressions】 Air Sword recovery has got to be some sort of joke Luminous is current a dead move, even in neutral the homing is weak and unreliable Gravity recovery speed nerf means you can't just sit back and lock people down in it anymore In contrast to the current version, where you can just play keep away and attack with the strong 2B and strangely high damage, it feels like they're moving towards a character on the low side for damage that gets alright damage from long distance lockdown, but can also go into H-Luminous from knockdown for oki/mixup at any range. However, N/C-Luminous not working in combos and being neutral-only tools at the moment does make me a bit uneasy. Thankfully the Sickle combos still work, and it seems like things will fall into the two patterns of damage-oriented Sickle>Gravity>Crescent enders or oki-oriented H-Luminous set enders. [/collapse] Sorry if something is confusing, trust me the source isn't any better =w= Some of these guys really suck at writing...
  2. Any posts in particular you're thinking of? I thought we covered most of it. I'll get this one if no one else has already started on it. Anyone?
  3. hakimiru

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    First line is just stuff that needs investigation (6B gatlings, followups to OD Justice, midscreen followups to GA Astrea, research into Cyclone [not sure what that is]) Rest: 1st play impressions. I couldn't get that suspicious j.236B 8-orb combo to work. JB's hitbox is rather good. Backstep got nerfed I think? JB is cute. Sorry! I tried to figure out some GA combo routes on my 2nd play, but wasn't able to get anything > < GA 6C can be jc-ed. From midscreen I tried: raw astrea, 3C>236C>astrea, 5C>236C>astrea, but couldn't find any routes (´;ω;`) Also, for the combo while in EX, the normal mode corner 5B one, I was able to connect with j.A after 5C>low j.236C, although the combo dropped after. still need to try if 236B>214A>5C>low j.236B works.
  4. 今更だけど、いつの間にかCTまで引っ越したようだね。何かあった?

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      なるほど、みんあ離れ離れになったんだ。まあ、ネットがあればまだ話せる、どこにもね。 何時かまた会おうって思いつずければ、あんまり悲しくなりませんと思う。



      もちろん買っています。EXのバングはまじつよくなりました。 1barになるけど大丈夫たよ。ぜひプレイしよう~

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  5. hakimiru

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    No idea >w> Could be a typo on their part, but Japanese typos are sort of hard to figure out. It's syllable-based, so even just altering 1 syllable changes things a lot.
  6. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Actually, looking at it again I think they're probably talking about getting a knockdown now (not sure what I was thinking the first time around). j2Cは高空だと(ダウンが)とれない、低空だととれるよ May-be...?
  7. Looks like they either moved or removed the playguide from their site >_< (what used to be at http://www.blazblue.jp/cf/images/playguide.pdf) What will I reference for inputs/move names now? D: Should have dled it while I had the chance...
  8. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Sort of hard to tell without more context, but as a shot in the dark I'm guessing they might be talking about oki? (ie. doesn't give oki if you land it high, but does if you're close to the ground).
  9. hakimiru

    [CPEX] Izayoi General / Q&A - "DO IT FOR HER"

    Alright! Found some Izayoi GA stuff in the corner! jC>5C>236C>6D>delay 2C(1)>236C~A(cancel)>5A>5C>jBC>jBC>j236C>5D (strikefall) Air Crusade has quite a bit of recovery. Seems like we can combo after j.236B. 5C>6A got removed, jB is cute. Normal mode 5C untechable time got shortened. Normal mode in corner, B starter: 5B>5C>236B>214A>5C>low air 236B>dash j.ABC>j236B works. From midscreen A starter, the 236B>214A>5C sequence drops.
  10. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    That looks right to me, although I think they're talking about the 4D and 2D properties separately and it's not a combo.
  11. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Oh I see, thanks! I'll correct it in my post.
  12. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    お疲れ様ー I only know one character, so I have these open when I work if that helps: http://www.blazblue.jp/cf/images/playguide.pdf(official guide for move name pronunciations and motions) http://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=BlazBlue:_Chrono_Phantasma_Extend(our very own wiki for English names) The jargon/abbreviations are pretty tough regardless though. Slight clarification to the quoted bit above, they're saying that they feel like something should work after 5B>5C>3C>Hishousetsu. 5C goes into aerial, so there's a possibility Rehhyou might work as a pickup since it's gotten faster. Not sure how much of a difference that makes, but I suppose it can't hurt to retain as much of the original nuance as possible.
  13. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Catapult (360B) ・Has invincibility, leads to the good damage we were hoping for if opponent doesn't OD. ・It has a large windup animation though, and can be jumped out of on reaction if they're used to seeing it. ・Startup is somewhere between mid to late 20F, invincibility lasts the entire startup, I think. 6B ・Forces crouch on hit ・A>B>6B works on crouching, but not standing ・B>6B works on standing ・A>C works on crouching, while A>6B does not. Current theory is 1F slower startup, making it 16F. [not entirely sure what they mean, since 6B has 24F startup according to wiki] Grand Punish ・Damage increased, frame disadvantage post-hit slightly decreased? ・Of note is the whiff recovery being reduced to about 20F, might be able to do stuff with this Yes, just like air driver during the CP loctest... probably going to get removed A Driver ・Startup is like the old B Driver, use for fast mixup ・Doesn't seem like there's much invincibility ・Damage is unchanged, so it's completely just for mixup ・Pull-in seems stronger, pulls pretty far when charged Gadget There's been a lot of opinions on this, but it's an interesting change in its own right and won't shine if you play brainlessly ・Puts up a distance about equal to what you start a round at ・To help the imagery, it's a range at which even 5B won't reach ・Huge increase in frame advantage, greatly changing the options available to both players. Personally, I'm good at correctly anticipating their next move, so I think it's good. Combos ・A, 2A back to being F starters ・A Sledge airhit properties are like CS2 and cause a slight float. Wallbounce removed in exchange. ・D hit causes sliding like in CS2, making it hard to combo both midscreen and in the corner. Even counterhit only bounces them back about 1/3 of the screen, like CS2 Spark Bolt ・3C no longer gatlings from 6A, making it harder to randomly go into Gadget. On the other hand, even unmagnatized 6A's pull-in is just as strong or stronger than magnatized, allowing you to go into 2C unless you hit with the very tip of it. Personally, I think the idea of using 6A>4D to gain close range frame advantage is befitting of a grappler character and seems interesting. Various Iffy Stuff ・Using Grand in neutral ・Charged B Sledge ・Comeback ability from OD Terra into Exceed ・Comeback ability from GCOD Genesic when "Attention" shows up (Active Flow) ・How good Catapult's proration is Sticking it out in neutral for that one comeback chance is in a way, the draw of a grappler character Going from a power character to a grappler character Wish they could do a little more about the combos. Seems like there's not much besides 6A>2C>Collider Once you go into 6A all that's left is CT or Collider, and even if you go into 3C there's nothing like D>Gadget cancel. Sort of boring how there's nothing but simple combos on the combo front. Since they went to the trouble of making 6B force crouch I tried to make use of it, but stuff like 5B>6B>6B>AS>A>C and JB>JA>A>B>6B>AS>A already don't work. There's like no tech to work with, maybe there's still something we haven't found yet? This is the first time I haven't been able to see a direction for combos at a loctest. Does airhits only going into C>6A>2C>Collider regardless of magnetism mean they want us to use Spark? Wait, really!? I had no idea...I don't think I've ever heard anyone use it outside the FGC. Thanks for clearing things up!
  14. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    Oh, is that it? I thought it was related to the previous line and they were trying to say something about using Rehhyou's faster startup as a pickup after... Wasn't even close :v Please go ahead and do the Jin stuff, I won't be able to read tweets for another 5 hours or so. And thanks for letting me know the Tager stuff is fine to work on. If it's not too much trouble, could you please also include the two Jin lines I skipped with your translations of the new tweets? Having it all together will make things easier to copy/link, I think.
  15. hakimiru

    [CF] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY OR INFRACTION)

    That's the usual meaning, but it didn't make sense to me in this context: 5Cからエリアル行けたから、わんちゃん発生が早くなった裂氷なら拾えるかもしれない What does that have to do with Rehhyou's faster startup? 関係ないじゃん *flips table* I'm guessing there's a big chunk of implied context somewhere that I'm missing... What do you think they mean? --- Working on the Tager stuff it no one else has already started. Can't see twitter here so the Jin stuff will have to wait =/