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  1. Yeah, just for future reference, FreeStepDodge is the competitive site and forum for DOA. Not DOA World xD DOA World is the casual side. But some other community members and myself are going to try changing that. Because we know there are people there that are definitely interested in learning the game on a deeper level (we see it often). They just need some direction and a confidence boost. We'll see how it works out. And yeah, I know man, I still tend to contemplate myself too. But with my top 5 placement at NorCal Regionals recently. I know I'm better than I thought without the practice. I've got some time this time around so I'll be better prepared for my competition. And thanks man, I'm looking forward to catching up on the information on the game I've missed. Looking forward to things here again.

  2. Thank you. Boy I know that feeling when you complete a guide and all. I just hope the people you made it for can be appreciative of what you've done, and yea, I know that community is such a mess but I hope it does help regardless. Nice job, and I do like your confidence for that tournament. It's that sort of attitude I need to deploy, as I really contemplate myself a lot. There's a whole load of stuff for you when you come back, and I look forward to it. With regards to the avatar, I don't plan to man! I was very lucky to find this! Thanks!

  3. Also, please do not change that avatar. That just fits you so perfectly. xD Seriously, don't change it~

  4. No problem bro, I still look up to you as a great Tsubaki player and a player in general. I've also finally finished and published my Ayane guide for DOA5. I released it earlier today and it is very thorough. Just glad I've finally finished it lol. Hopefully I can make it out to Best of the Battle III in August. If I can, I am winning that tournament lol. But yeah, I think I may come back here soon. I miss the atmosphere and the "always on-topic discussions" that goes on here. Getting to read informative topics and being part of the discussions is something I love. But I've gotta see what me and my posse can do to make DOA World a better place first, constructively. Because that place is terrible lol. So much fanservice.....

  5. Man I really appreciate that, thanks. The PS3 limitation is a blow, but unless there are other games you want on the PS3 it's going to seem more of a waste, especially since the PS4 is coming soon. Would love to have you back though, but ultimately your decision. I can understand DoA being your primary focus, keep it up.

  6. I am starting to miss this game a lot, bro. The more I watch the JPN matches of BB:CP and your replays from BBEX, the more I want to comeback. But that PS3 exclusive limitation hurts...I may just come back to the community regardless. DOA will always be my primary focus though, however..

  7. thanks man I had fun on my bday.

  8. Oi, Happy Birthday, Axis~

  9. HajinShinobi

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    I meant in Extend, I should have specified.
  10. HajinShinobi

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    I'm expecting to see more hard proof than what's already summed so far. It's not enough right now.
  11. There is no such thing as a complete player, at all. Because no one can be flawless. I just stayed on that term since it's what Adam was throwing around.

  12. HajinShinobi

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    I'm moreso wondering how well or not her normals will be this time. Both air and ground normals. Tsubaki's been one of those characters that has not had a great set of normals, according to frame data.
  13. I get ya man. Well I get where both of you are coming from, I personally don't believe there's a such thing as a 'complete player'. Ofc I could be wrong but that's honestly what I think. Now I didn't want to mention any of this because I do not wanna derail the thread.

  14. My bad yo, just tired of people saying stupid sh## in these threads.

  15. HajinShinobi

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    Waiting on more information/changes to be announced. Knowing Tsubaki's DP C has more invincibility is already good news for me.