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  1. Woot I haven't signed on here in over a year wow! How are you man? Not seen you on PSN forever! I lost that blazblue chat and that was it, lost touch with everyone. What fighting games do you play now? I'm waiting for SSF4 AE and after that I think I'll be done with fighting games. I'm really getting bored.

  2. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    Thanks guys. This is exactly the kind of feedback I needed. I know what to work on now
  3. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    I finally have some Hakumen videos to show. I know I lack hoptu or whatever its called. I can't do the 66 214 b/c stuff at all at all. Anyway, please give me some advice. So far no other Haku's have added my PSN to spar with me and teach me first hand. Hakumen vs Tager Astral Finish Blazblue: Hakumen [LOSE] vs Tager Blazblue: Hakuman vs Noel D spam
  4. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    I got an Astral with Rachel. But I still suck really bad. Blazblue: Rachel vs Ragna Astral Finish
  5. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Hakumen

    I lost to a Noel in Player match yesterday who only used D. Does this make me a scrub? I hope not as its the first time its been used so much on me and as usually when I tried to counter I got countered and when I tried to block I got hit by another angle. So 5a beats drives you say? Can I spar with you Dragontamer soon? I'd appreciate if you could show me a few basic things to look out for in Noel players and teach me what Haku can do to counter it. Especially the D spammers. I was able to beat this Noel a few times but only when she didn't get close enough to spam D.
  6. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    I've decided not to upload the video of me doing Rachel's Astral. I was just too horrid. You guys would ask for 5mins of your life back. I must do better.
  7. The Jin match is one of Rachel's worst IMO. You are at a disadvantage while neutral, especially if he's got meter. It's a match you have to play very carefully and spend a lot of time turtling. I.e. I can't stand it T_T But I can show you a few more things sometime. No problem! :D

  8. No prob~! It was lots of fun, and I figured out a bunch of stuff I didn't know about, too (like the Cat Chari versus Baden Baden Lily). :D Feel free to poke me if I'm online and you want to play a few games~.

  9. Thanks for the huge support yesterday man! Much appreciated! I'm definitely maining only Rachel and Hakumen now.

  10. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    You guys are awesome! I managed to use Rachels Astral heat on someone who was around my level. I'll record it and upload it tomorrow.
  11. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    Thanks for the great tips you guys. AS for recording video I just using a normal digital camera that has a basic video recording feature. The video that I showed you was uploaded by the guy I played. He has some equipment to get it straight onto a computer but he can't play the game on HD quality on the TV at the same time. I put my camera on a stack of books. I would love to see your videos you guys so I can see this stuff in action. Thanks
  12. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    Thanks man! I learned all those combos you mentioned but I can't get a chance to use them Especially the combos that stem off of 6a. Everyone keeps dash rushing into me with either a low hit/grab/strong attach and I don't know how to stop them. Also, how comes I still get hit when I'm blocking? Even when I'm blocking with the barrier? And how do I escape the corner? I get raped to death in the corners. Attack or defend I still lose. Rachel seems way harder than arakune who can just teleport away.
  13. DarkChildOfLight

    [CT] Rachel Alucard Videos

    Hi guys I want to sub Rachel or possibly even main her. I am a novice at blazblue. My arakune is like level 17. Here is a vid of me playing against another low level fighter. Please help me in anyway you can. Misterbadguy has an awesome Rachel and I want to be able to use her too! ty Blazblue Pat_-666-_ (Bang) Vs Mr_Flowers_- (Rachel) Nov 06 2009
  14. So I went into training with Rachel for about 2 hours yesterday then I got owned by the army of Jin's on Ranked mode! I did not win a single match! With arakune I win about 40% of the matches but I need to watch you play Rachel again so I can note some stuff lol

  15. Naw, actually that night was the first night on that alt account and I don't think I won 2 out of maybe 15 matches that night. XP I'll just chalk that up to a monterous toothache though. But will do, I'll add you on PSN as soon as the void where my tooth used to be stops killing me enough to play.