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  1. "5AAA > D.Garu[3] > 5A > 5B > 5C(2) > 2C > B.Bufu > SB.Zio" In this starter I am having a lot of trouble connecting the 2C after the 5C(2)... even after watching the video a lot! Any tips for it? (using Kanji as the practice dummy) edit: nvm figured it out~
  2. YuYu

    Ougon Musou Kyoku Sprites

    Thanks mang.
  3. hnnngg waifu y u so good at arts
  4. YuYu

    Post your GGXXNET character edits!

    I got really bored today :|
  5. Forgot to thank you. Thanks!

  6. Got it like 3 days ago. It's kinda fun making my own gifs,but I'm still new. Anyway I made a gif of iamp's marisa changing expression every half second but it's too big to use on DL,so you got any tips for me?