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  1. She's still fun as hell to play, but I miss her old damage output. it was never ridiculous like some characters, but she's on the low end now
  2. well, it's not a common situation to just throw out an astral. I did it once to a friend playing Tager, to beat a spark bolt
  3. invincible you mean? yeah, it's always been. It's +8 on block too for some reason
  4. Seems about the same. maybe slightly easier since there are no more 22C loops
  5. Looking forward to it. I've got the rhythm for 3C>236AAA down, just need to work on the spacing
  6. SMP pain was less about the combos and more the loss of easy oki
  7. I've always said, the SMP change hit her hard. New moves with it, and the fast tech made things bad. love the new item though
  8. It'll be good to use occasionally, but it's no DP. from what i was trying, it's possible for them to out range it, so you can't even RC
  9. It's pretty quick charging. I'd guess 30f to charge, which I think might be standard in the game (like for Kagura). It will activate on 1f, so you can hit it in any gap. tried it on Azrael 5BB (+5) and then 5A which is 6f startup. biggest issue is how long the attack takes and it's range. same setup lets him JC out.
  10. yeah, that's the only thing i could come up with that would make any difference too. sad that (iirc) j.D hammers don't crush
  11. something i've been wondering does MJ Hammer have the same guard crush properties as regular hammer now? i ask this because of the primer difference between the two is CSE, so i wonder if there is no reason to use MJ Hammer like that anymore (other than it's more obvious advantages).
  12. There are two players that go by Aru iirc. One has always been a Hazama, so i don't know if you're just seeing him half the time or if the plat player switched as well
  13. Makoto gets lots of uses out of her OD because she gets new bounces and stuff like that, but I never heard anything like that for Platinum