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  1. Shoutouts to day 2 Teddie getting 3rd. I'm a bear.
  2. Won't make it. School and CE versus obligations. Lack of playing games is also demotivational lol.
  3. Because we didn't have SFXTK. And we had HNK!
  4. Before you try to correct me know your shit. poll stays on top of every page of the thread. gg.
  5. Man this thread makes me feel so bad for so many people on so many levels.
  6. Thats not the point. The point is that if the community talks on the forum then put the poll on the forum. Nobody saw that damn poll thats why there was like 20 votes.
  7. Remember when Dacid thought he could play Hazama? Those were the days......
  8. I think making Super nci a 2 day event is something that should be discussed as a community. I know for some people who drive out a couple hours it will be hard to do that 2 days in a row. So were gonna need to think of lodging ideas or maybe making it a normal one day thing. Just something to discuss, I dont need people blowing up on me for no reason.
  9. But shoutouts to everyone. I had fun running kof with lost of great competitors. Hopefully our numbers will grow as we get more people into honest games! Shoutouts to me and Spirit Juice going 2-2 in BB. Team fraud will show them whats up next time!
  10. Guess I'm the most hated bb player on the net.
  11. Yea I need a new game to blow people up without playing.
  12. Total overreaction. But i see what your trying to say.
  13. Still gets people into new games.