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  1. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    : o that's amazing!
  2. bamfalu

    [CS1] Hazama Videos

    http://zoome.jp/sculpture/diary/12 teching? out of my kimochi darou?! it's more likely than you think! edit: for clarity, not really my kimochi darou. or my hazama ;x
  3. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    sadly, i didn't realize how bad the picture was til i got home, but she was a really good rachel!
  4. i thought she was jubei at first glance.
  5. IGNORE THE LEG! LOOK AT THE BREASTS! i think that was the basic principle behind this piece.
  6. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    probably! we stopped spending the entire weekend in the game room when we stopped playing semi-competitively at melee : p we finally remembered there's stuff like... anime! at anime conventions : p
  7. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    my friends and i go every year, but none of us really cosplay much.
  8. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    but do they furrow down in a mannish manner ;x it's more that, imo, than the size.
  9. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    i think what's throwing everyone off are the eyebrows. they seem a bit low and furrowed in. a bit on the masculine side. also, flcl reference, lulz
  10. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    !!! you (mostly) finished it!? that looks really good and i would like to second the request for more pics with better lighting : D
  11. bamfalu

    [CS1] Rachel Info and Discussion

    to be fair, when ct first came out, several of the vids that i saw ended in timeouts or close to that, with most characters. at this point, the preponderance of timeout wins is probably mostly due to people getting used to changes. now, if in a month or so, if rachel's still just winning through timeout, then there's probably a serious problem ;x
  12. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    hell, i saw a tao walking around sixth street in austin this halloween ;x
  13. bamfalu

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    how do you watch the vids on a-cho's site ;x i can't get vlc or wmp to open .axs files and my winamp absolutely refuses to play video...
  14. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    that's actually quite clever : D just make sure to show the badassness when it gets made up!
  15. bamfalu

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    that's pretty awesome looking, especially for a first time making costumes. but... how're you going to walk around when you get the legs made? that just seems like quite the undertaking since she seems to be on her toes inside the leg armor ;x