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  1. Me too. I can't draw worth a damn, especially compared to people like sesame and Michi, let alone in Paint.

  2. Cool MS Paint avy, bro.

  3. Haha, it's just that my performance with Rags has been less than stellar in the matches I played lately. Thanks for the compliments, though. You have a pretty good Mu yourself.

  4. I see. You can't host on your own, server, though?

  5. Just a quick question: What happened to get your Devil Daze wiki suspended? I was hoping to see it finished sometime.

  6. Oh hello there, guy I don't know from YT.

  7. Kain

    So someone from the Slackerz forums is now on DL? ...Hm.

  8. Yo, in case you didn't see my post in the 3v3 tourney thread, I need to know exactly when you plan to play our match.

  9. Oh you. GL with your New Year trolling, black squiggly. >_>;;

  10. I hear you're trying to befriend everyone on Dustloop ever. Quick question: why?

  11. Oh hello there, Mr. Random Friend Invite.

  12. Heh, I see. Glad to hear it. Honestly, I barely play Street Fighter 4 these days, yet I can't unsuck at this game for some reason. However, the only reason I'd play it over BB is for the better offline comp I have right now, SF4 doesn't do it for me anymore. So how's life?

  13. About last night: I wasn't playing you that day. I didn't plan on playing SF4 with anyone except my cousin on casuals, and I was just about to go to bed when you sent your invite. Cousin wanted to fight you, and I was against it at first, but then I pretty much went 'fuck it' and let him do what he wanted. Sorry for the confusion. How did you like fighting him, BTW?

  14. Tager. I'm actually undecided, but I'd go with him if given the choice.