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  1. New build plz.

    How long is this game from release? I'd like to get my hands on the full game and start a scene in Brooklyn as soon as possible.

    Kain, you down?

    The next level would be open by then.

    I'd like to say yes, but I can't guarantee anything, since I'm not exactly of the age to do whatever I want without consequences. :/

  2. I think everyone knows full well that this is an alpha, which can change when they release a new alpha/beta or the full version of the game.

    Which does not stop anyone from posting their findings now, so that they have a reference point of just how much has changed between versions. It's like a loketest in that sense.

    Someone else asked the same thing way back in this thread, you know.

  3. Notice I said 'into', as in, in the middle of the combo, as opposed to 'off', as in, using the move to start a combo. Also notice that I said 'unless you mean comboing into a ground proj, in which case you can do that if you get them in the air.'

    I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but I knew about the air meaty 236B combo from when I first got my hands on the game...

    Forgot to mention, I figured out a consistent way to do the fireball glide. Doing it as fast as possible gets a DP, which is not what you want. Instead, the way I did it was 8...623[6]A. The way the inputs work allow you to get an airdash and still do the fireball. The trick is not to do it as fast as possible, but fast enough that you can complete the fireball motion before you lose your dash momentum.

    Still kind of useless IMO, though. We'll see.

  4. Where were you all this time ago? :gonk:

    Where are you getting that you can combo off a ground projectile, though? The recovery is bad enough that combos from a ground proj are nonexistent, unless you mean comboing into a ground proj, in which case you can do that if you get them in the air.

    Don't forget that you can do instant j.C after a JCable normal and reverse beat j.A>j.B while the opponent is on the ground.

  5. Don't be so sure.

    If you don't know how to program at all, it's a safe bet that you'll attempt to create netplay, look at pages of pages of code, think 'what the hell am I looking at?', then close the debug program and never look back.

    Okay, maybe the 'never look back' part won't happen, but everything else will happen...

  6. When BBB1 was the thing, we were constantly bugging about a caster for BBB. Our response was "Ehhh I'll get around to it eventually. It's not that I don't want to do it..."

    Still no caster 4 years later. :v:

    Bolded parts make me go 'huh?'.

    In any case, assuming the BBB community is on board with this game, maybe someone can persuade someone to make a caster this time around, or someone may need to do some research on how2netplay...

  7. oh Kunagi.

    Who would've thought that your 63214D super would hit backwards?

    Also, to note, the 214A/B>C cancel seems to be timing specific. Exact timing is a bitch to figure out, but I've gotten it a few times without turbo (all by accident, though).

    This game is in need of netplay...

  8. Speaking of, does Boost Recovery still exist in the BBB2 test version?


    I'm not sure, but if you can't use the D button for anything other than supers, I doubt that Boost Recovery would exist. Then again, I never tested out recovery options in the time I had this game.

    On another note, here's a combo with 2 supers, using the 'garbage' super DP.


    Does a fair good chunk of damage for meter, but you may want to omit the second super for meter purposes.

    Wait a bit after the 623B to get the full 5 hits from the second super.

    And also a corner-only super only combo:


    It might be possible to get more supers in if you do the first 63214D at the maximum possible distance where all the hits will connect, but yeah.

  9. Okay, I found a weird-ass occurrence (with turbo, but still).

    Kunagi's 214A/B>C apparently has the ability to cancel itself...

    I'm thinking it's some sort of kara-cancel, as the spin starts to animate, and then it cancels out without actually hitting anything, and acts as if she just did a superjump. This gives Kunagi another jump option (airdash, double jump), but I doubt its practicality, since I haven't been able to recreate this (so far) without turbo and it doesn't seem to have any use in combos other than adding another jump option, and as you can't JC attacks right now...

    Still, this might be interesting. If someone can do this without the aid of turbo, then maybe it'll see some use.

  10. Made some mistakes in Kunagi's gatlings.

    -4C actually gatlings to 6A, otherwise the corner-only meaty fireball would never work...

    -5B gatlings to 6B

    -Omitted 2C, it gatlings to 4C

    Will fix these when I edit my other post.

    List of cancels for all of Kunagi's normals:




    On Hit

    5A: S, D(???)

    2A: S, D

    6A: J, S, D

    5B: J, S, D

    2B: S, D

    6B: S, D

    5C: J, S, D

    2C: S, D

    4C: J, S, D

    jA: S, D

    jB: S, D

    jC: S, D

    On Block

    5A: S, D(???)

    2A: S, D

    6A: S, D

    5B: S, D

    2B: S, D

    6B: S, D

    5C: S, D

    2C: S, D

    4C: S, D

    jA: S, D

    jB: S, D

    jC: S, D

  11. Looks fun to play.

    ...except I don't know a single thing about BBB at all.

    Anything I need to know about this game? I'm DLing it right now.

    Edit: ...oh great, my stick doesn't seem to work, or at least the inputs in the key config screen aren't registering.

    Edit2: With that sorted out, minus the fact that the game now thinks I'm holding up in the menu now, here's a quick write-up about claw-girl's normals (Kunagi?)

    5A: Quick swipe.

    2A: Attacks with the arm-sleeve that is behind her.

    6A: Swipes towards the air. Launches on hit. Can also special cancel to other moves, although I wonder at the importance of said special cancels...

    5B: Does a little twirl and swipes diagonally downwards.

    2B: Slashes while sitting on the ground.

    6B: Overhead, of course. Causes a bounce effect on air hit, but its use in combos is questionable due to how high her launcher sends her opponent...

    5C: Twirls to hit her opponent twice.

    2C: Sweep. Has a bit of startup, special cancellable.

    4C: Spinning swipe.

    jA: Kicks out at a 45 degree angle.

    jB: Horizontal slice.

    jC: 2 hit spinning slice that covers a circular area around the attack.


    5A: 6A, 2A, 5B, 6B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 4C

    6A: Nothing

    2A: 6A, 6B, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 4C

    5B: 6A, 6B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 4C

    6B: Nothing

    2B: 6A, 6B, 5C, 2C, 4C

    5C: 6A, 2C, 4C

    2C: 4C, 6A

    4C: 6A

    jA: jB, jC

    jB: jA, jC

    jC: jA, jB

    Also a fairly simple combo I came up with.


  12. This game is very fun. I've never played a game where you actually get to ride on missiles, fight a mechanical spider on a vertical train track, bounce around a huge ball, fight a Gradius-style boss and hijack a hoverbike, all in 8 stages.

    Sayuri happens to be my favorite character in this game, beat Uprising for the first time with her. She makes any boss cry despite not having a gun, and happens to remind me a lot of Baiken, who I mained at first sight.

    But now that I beat the game, it feels too easy now. I S-Ranked Stage 1 with Leviathan in Rising Mode on my first try with him, and I didn't even touch the guy until I beat the game. I blame the fact that I can actually shoot with anyone not named Sayuri.

  13. Posting up to say that Shadow Battle AI looks like garbage.

    I was watching my bro play a few matches with it, and the only one that really gave him trouble was the third one in the first set. The other two looked like they had no idea what they were doing...>_>

    My bro happens to be a scrub, btw.

  14. ROFL I love animu games personally, It just this specific subforum in particular makes me facepalm so hard. Every now and then ppl need to realize how idiotic some people's opinions really are.

    One of my top favorite SF characters is Ken, I will not take disrespect about him so lightly.

    Okay, Ken is one of your favorite characters in SF.

    The question to ask here when you think Ken in MvC3 though is: "What can he do that other people can't?" To which I say; "What can he do that Ryu and Akuma can't do?"

    And the way you defend your opinion, you'd think you were up against the entire forum flaming you. What the hell was up with the whole 'DL likes aesthetics over gameplay' comment, for starters? That just makes you sound like an asshole, especially when you say it as if it's going to justify Ken being in MvC3.

  15. I like how you're calling people out for liking animuu games when you host a stream for BBCS and GGAC, which are considered animuu games just on their art style, let alone wanting another shoto from Street Fighter, just because 'it's Ken gaiz, he's gotta be in because any people with new playstyles are just going to end up trash!'

    You lost my respect when you started in with that shit, and I see no reason to take you seriously now.

  16. Critical Finishes were actually a huge part of competitive SC4 play. In tournaments they happened all the time. It is one of the many reasons why Voldo is a high tier character.


    Honestly, I was never involved with a competitive scene in SC in the history of ever, so I didn't know that about CFs.

  17. I know in SC4 you could have a lesbo 2-way using someone's Critical Finish on a girl.

    Forgot who had that CF, but my bro's friends were all over that in a hot second.

    Hopefully they made CFs more practical or did away with them altogether. Never liked them, specially since you had to empty their Soul Gauge to execute them, and it was never worth it, because who the hell is going to block for 30 secs and not do a thing about it.