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  1. PlasticChicken

    South Carolina?

    Guilty Gear?
  2. No way! The PlasticChicken group had the better trip IMO. Thanks to honnou again for housing all of us. Cali was really fun, we shall come back another time.
  3. PlasticChicken

    BBCS2 FINAL SHOWDOWN: Loketest 5, Nov. 15th Discussion

    Taokaka + 5CH > 6C works - 3C can only be cancelled with distortion drive (confirmation from previous loketest)
  4. haha its a pussy chasing a cock :3

  5. PlasticChicken

    [CS1] Taokaka Combo and BnB Thread

    ever since the arcade release, ive been using: Back Throw > 214d > 6C > taunt loop max > ender I can actually do the back airdash into 2d~b but I used my way too much and it barely affects the damage. Also a lot of people like bursting when they are thrown, 6c hitstun is huge and very easy to react with RC and block when they do burst.
  6. PlasticChicken

    EVO 2010 Caesar's Palace, July 9-11th VEGAS BABY!

    This was my first EVO and it was really hype. Real good stuff. Definitely going to come back next year. GGs to everyone I played. I'm still a bit unknown to everyone but I was the red Taokaka player if you guys saw me. Since I actually drove from Seattle, I had to leave a day early so I missed the MMs I promised. I didn't know they were setting up a movie and kicking everyone out that night. Sorry for promising money matches to people. We will play time for sure! PNW will only get better :3
  7. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    Yeah I really regret not playing more, I was just really tired from driving and... all that alcohol XD. I had tons of fun though.
  8. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    Everyone is back home and safe. I think I would like to officially announce that the California Trip was a overall success. We all had fun and met new people.
  9. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    We are at Rod's house right now. Gonna get ready and get something to eat and head to SVGL. The BBQ was really hype! I had way too many drinks though and my playing got worse and worse as the night went on. I still had lots of fun though. I was surprised I could still do the full taunt loop at the end of the night. Dacidbro and Zong_one we have to hold the MM til EVO when we aren't drunk or on 3 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours. Oh and we planned on seeing Toy Story 3 after we got back to Washington, don't worry. I'm hoping to see some people at SVGL tonight. Huge thanks to Pulsr for hosting the BBQ and letting the PNW stay.
  10. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    Hehe... I actually drove 18 hours straight to socal and 18 hours straight back TWICE. I wasn't quite dead but i was near it. Hurray for red bulls. I guess we could update locations lol. Chrome Homura, please contact me at (four two five) 772 - three one four nine. Call and texts are fine. We will be leaving around 7pm.
  11. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    Whatever Rod is doing I guess. We are all about ready to leave.
  12. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    There is nothing to worry about. We will bring both a legit setup of CS and a lagless HD display. Also, we are interested in an informal regional match. Whether its 5v5 or 10v10 or something else doesn't really matter. It's going to be just for fun or maybe losing team buys drinks :3. Both NorCal and SoCal should decide teams, since we will have 10 people... up to 10 member teams will be possible. Oh yes and Rod's place will probably be the best then. I'll still contact Goryus to see what's up. We can go to SVGL on our way back up. We will still be needing setups for other games though.
  13. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    We will bring our own setup. We will probably hang out at Rod's for Friday or Goryu's place. I'm not sure which location would be better for hosting.
  14. PlasticChicken

    Seattle's California trip! GET HYPE!!! 6/18-21

    I really thought we would have more cars for this... but Tae had to bail since he has work. Tolore doesn't want to go either :/ Don't worry we will figure something out
  15. PlasticChicken

    [OFFICIAL] Evo 2010 BBCS Tournaments!!! 3v3 Teams

    I think it should be 3v3 since a lot of people already planned their team assuming that it would be 3v3.