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  1. Heroic_Legacy

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Welp, if I wasn't going to bed I'd have gotten more games in. GG.
  2. Heroic_Legacy

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    @_@ I need to play you guys more and not those random WATATATATATATA Chie players. (Though they are very tasty PSR.)
  3. Heroic_Legacy

    [VS] General Discussion

    Hype. GGs to everyone. I'll be on GGPO eventually.
  4. Heroic_Legacy

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Smells like Science in here. Has everyone been playing nicely since I've quit? Good work on everything Axis. Glad to see Osuna getting some rep recently. Still glad I quit. Maybe CS Extend will make me want to start backdashing and throwing again. Maybe.
  5. Heroic_Legacy

    [VS] General Discussion

    Giving me a reason to come here again.
  6. I'm not quitting Blazblue! wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong! I'm never quitting that game, regardless of what happens to it. I've just been busy/still in school until this weekend (finals and such). I'll be restarting my practice/training again next week :D

  7. Heroic_Legacy

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    What you should take from that wasn't that someone was trying to blow you up. You should take from it that you are someone WORTHY of being blown up. IE You are in high standards in the first place. Anyway. Weird matchup numbers. I expected 7s and 8s
  8. Heroic_Legacy

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Earlier in the video he fought the same hakumen and did a reno burst into 720 and caught him with the exact same setup.
  9. Heroic_Legacy

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    =/ Welp. Is there anything good about him?
  10. Heroic_Legacy

    [CS2] Iron Tager General Discussion

    If you IB Ragna's 2C and it is already +1, what move is going to punish it in 2 frames if it makes it unsafe? Just saying.
  11. I cant go to UFGT7 :( gotta pay for AP exams and shit

  12. I live in one of those small suburbs that is closer to gameworks so I can be a mindless drone and grind SSF4:AE all day. Actually just a shitty neighborhood called Hanover Park. It's about 35 minutes away from the south side. If you read through the SRK thread (You've found it) you'll see gatherings for the south side just about every week or so. The guys that live around there run a ranbat every 2 weeks for marvel and SSF4. When CS2 comes out (And PSN comes back online) I'm sure they'll have CS2 ranbats.

  13. South side Chicago. And yourself?

  14. Even better. What part of Chicago. Chicago is too broad of a term since everyone either lives in the northwest suburbs or in Chicago and the various parts of chicago. And then people often say they live in chicago when in reality they live 20 minutes away or something. *Shrug*