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  1. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    Hey mike, you wouldn't happen to be holding some sessions on monday would ya? Cause me, Phones01, and a friend will come over if you do.
  2. baberific

    BB:CS Tournament @ AI 12/13/09

    I would really like to make this tournament...but I don't have a ride at the moment.....SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!
  3. Hey mike, would it be possible that you could give me and Phones01 a ride to Ai for the tourny? It would be much appreciated.

  4. baberific

    [CS1] Bang Changes and Video Discussion Thread

    well, thanx to you bang camaro...and a bit of help from Mike....I semi got the hang of the whole B shuriken canceling, but due to me being a arcade stick "virgin"...I still basically had no clue on what I was truly doing.
  5. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    I had fun last night, my friends and I played enough CS to go over the donation fee 10 times over. After a couple rounds....I now see the true broken power of bang!
  6. I do know where it is, but I don't know the address or how to direct someone there. To make things worse, I live in Norcal at the moment. Lol. Sorry man.

  7. can you just Pm me the info?

  8. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    So ugh, Any info on where this place actually is? Cause me and phones01 are ready.
  9. Dude! You wouldn't happen to know where Mike z's place is would ya?

  10. Hey camaro! I need to know where MikeZ lives!!! Know any info bro?

  11. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    That is pure win....now if only bang had the power to do the "V" in the VANILLA ICE posse!! So yea, Me and phones just need the address mike!
  12. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    sure, all I have to do now is renew previous things that were canceled. But anyways, put me and phones01 as down for tomorrow....as well as message us directions.
  13. baberific

    CS at Mike Z's!

    huh, so I guess today's filled up? Cause I was planning to go with phones01.
  14. baberific

    BB:CS Tournament @ AI 12/13/09

    GYahah! Finally, a good reason to get my ass whupped at arcade infinity! I'll try to be there!
  15. so Mike, where does this whole "BB CS " shindig go down? Cause I'd like to reserve a spot.