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  1. (Teams in English)
  2. (teams in English)
  3. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    PS3 couldn't handle all the action. Switch has like 4 times the RAM PS3 has.
  4. [BB:TAG] News/Gameplay Discussion

    Cut down the dialog please. It won't be enjoyable to watch with all that noise.
  5. Jubei's Drive is garbage. That mark he places on opponents rarely ever means anything.
  6. Jubei will have 11.000 HP: Dora's early tier listing:
  7. Thought they added recovery frames to Izayoi's air dash. It looks exactly the same LOL!!
  8. These were posted on limbo AKA the Matrix AKA Discord. I escaped unharmed.
  9. Broken links family?
  10. Jubei is a glass cannon like Chipp, so get your confirms, movement and defense together.
  11. Care to elaborate on that laugh? I'll be waiting.
  12. BlazBlue Central Fiction 2.0 Patch Notes

    Yeah. No idea WHY these changes (or no changes) were made.
  13. That's going to takes weeks to find out.
  14. Susanoo Wish List 1. Inevitable Calamity input changed to 236[C] 2. 2A hits low 3. Each version of Sundering Claws has more + frames the higher the level. 4. Dancing Dual Kick is projectile-invul frame 1-start of kick. 5. Air Hunter's Fang must be block high. 6. Inevitable Calamity builds heat from absorbing projectiles 7. Removal of pause in his dash. Susanoo has HORRIBLE neutral tools (except his sword) currently even with specials unlocked. His specials don't actually do anything. System Wish List 1. Removal of guard-cancel Overdrive 2. Active Flow does NOT activate from Overdrive activation.