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    What got -you- into BlazBlue?

    I was just walking through the Gamestop/EBGames (forget which) after a movie and spotted the collector's edition. I had been looking for a really good anime-based fighting game for a while, and all of the workers told me it was amazing, so I picked up the special edition. One of the best buys I've ever made. Those soundtracks are almost always on in my car.
  2. Senaro Highwind

    [CT] Iron Tager Video Thread

    Both of those comeback rounds were awesome. Very cheer-worthy.
  3. Heh, I see. Glad to hear it. Honestly, I barely play Street Fighter 4 these days, yet I can't unsuck at this game for some reason. However, the only reason I'd play it over BB is for the better offline comp I have right now, SF4 doesn't do it for me anymore. So how's life?

  4. It was all right. I'm not very good at Street Fighter, and I'm very bad at fighting that style of character right now. It reminded me of why I enjoy BlazBlue more, since I essentially had to fight the same character 4 times in a row with a different name. But yeah, he was really good, and it was the first time I'd picked upt he game since the LAST time I played you, which was a while ago. I guess SF is more of a casual game for me anyways.

  5. About last night: I wasn't playing you that day. I didn't plan on playing SF4 with anyone except my cousin on casuals, and I was just about to go to bed when you sent your invite. Cousin wanted to fight you, and I was against it at first, but then I pretty much went 'fuck it' and let him do what he wanted. Sorry for the confusion. How did you like fighting him, BTW?

  6. Oh lawdy. I know right? xD I was like ........ cereally guise?

  7. Also, how funny were their reactions when they learned you were a girl?

  8. :3 Yeah~ I had a good time. I'm used to playing Tsuuna all the time so it was nice to play people that I actually have a chance against lolol :3 and they were all nice.

  9. Today's fights were amazingly fun! Way for the two of us to clean up, ehe :3 Those were a lot of nice players.

  10. My dad bought it for me >D

  11. *thinking face* I think I've fought you before...nice to see you on Dustloop! Oh wait, apparently you've been here nearly four months. *shrug* Nice to see you anyways!

  12. Hehe...yeah, my brother has CoD4 and I've always liked that multiplayer. I'd give MW2 a shot if I didn't have to buy it, it's too soon since I bought my last brand new game for me to go out and get another.

  13. I only played it for a bit but it seems pretty much the same as CoD4 which I'm not gonna complain because CoD4 <33 and I don't know what is up with me and Tao man D: we are just likeee not working out right now. Same with Nu. So I'm just gonna shoot people for the time being.