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  1. Ggs dude. You don't play like most bangs. I got super confused a lot of the time haha. And me trying to IB shit after not playing for 2 months = 4k +damage. P.S. Cromnus is a cool guy ;)

  2. I don't even have my computer hooked up :( I think I need a new hard drive. It's acting weird. And she knows all about me and bb haha

  3. Haha yeah.. I actually stayed with a chick for more than a week! I'm not sure.. The bill is in her ex's name still and she can't cancel or upgrade unless he gives permission and they're not speaking. Kage bunshin.

  4. I moved in with my girlfriend. She has the like... 300kb/s Internet. It's GNG.

  5. I'll be on tomorrow during the day!

  6. Haha it's just that since I stopped playing Warcraft my pc is obsolete. I even get on this site on my phone most of the time. But I will!

  7. School ;( And i forgot i had msn until you just said that haha.

  8. Stop forcing me to do things, hk. I want to... LIVE MY OWN LIFE.

  9. I tried to get more people in but everyone was busy ;(

  10. Not at home right now. Send me a friend request and we can get some matches in later.