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  1. *Insert gif of SolxBaiken rolling in their grave*
  2. Neat. I doubt French Bread wants to compete with BBCF this winter. Possible Spring/Summer 2017 console release?
  3. I won't be surprised if this means we won't hear news of a console release until all the acts are done.
  4. I saw this game being played at EVO and It definitely got me interested. Is there a place where I can see all the currently available suits/DLC?
  5. Akiro

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Depending on where Koro is, there really isn't really much you can do after SB Maragidyne and still get worthwhile damage besides DP > another super. SB Maragidyne combos are a S.Ken thing IMO, meter is much better spent elsewhere for normal ken.
  6. Akiro

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Finally got the game, whos incharge of the Ken skype chat again? I'd like to be added.
  7. Akiro

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Not sure if this was documented yet, but during the first few frames for Ken's throw, Koromaru's commands are reversed.
  8. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Damn, what a predicament. Really hope JP's reigion free status is clarified.
  9. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Adachi isn't pro-order DLC but first week purchase dlc right? I don't want to preorder it yet since there isn't any word on if the JP version is region locked yet.
  10. Akiro

    [P4AU] Ken Amada Gameplay Discussion

    Removed. Copied the others to make this shitty header, feel free to use it until someone else makes a better one.
  11. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Yes. Day 2 Rises and Shos are actually pulling off some sick stuff, Ken's the only who seems stuck on the "Auto combo into dog" mindset.
  12. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    more DLC just confirmed, inb4 Nanako lmfao. Anyway glad to finally see some decent Ken play, looks a little bit more boring than I originally thought, seems like everyone is just auto comboing into that Kala-Nemi ender and finishing with a random Koro attack. I hope he turns out to be more fun as he develops.
  13. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Jesus, the Ken MU looks brutal for Kanji. One wrong guess and you'll never get him off you
  14. Akiro

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Man, everyone is picking S Naoto. Lets see some Ken or Rise.