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  1. If you wanna play sumtime hit me up on aim, dont mind a lashing

  2. if it was me u prolly raped me (trash ky)

  3. A few times, y do u ask?

  4. Fg = fighting game(s) Fiendin = playing a lot

  5. Grrr ur too popular >.< btw still petitioning for a hispanic (since zato is dead) character in GG?

  6. Damn u hecatom for ur Repuken attacks on SRK! Lol what up man.

  7. Yo I just got around to ur fighting game thread list thing and its hot. I didn't know so many ppl fiended fgs. Good to see tho. Btw where u from, if ur in the NY© area a fun game day wud be hot.

  8. How long of a ride would it be from Manhattan to that tourney ur doing?

  9. Lol noone I just saw ur sig and decided 2 show off :-p

  10. Alrdy beat gay ragna :-p

  11. Yo ur chaz rite? If u cool wif it mind if I come thru for the next GG fiendin?