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  1. Also shoutouts to Krochos, who PM'd me asking to play session and meet me at CTF Friday, I give him my#, no call no show. No show next day. Stay troll-like EX Slayer.

    Actually I went just i had 2 bounce early (b4 GG even started sadly). I got a game in against biscuits n Marlinpie in GG. I was fucked either way I looked at casuals when I was available, either I played Biscuits/Mahouko with my garbage ky, or I went up against the winner of Marlin/Steve H. Only reason I wasnt playing a lot of casuals was cuz I was tryna support my boy on MB. Good thing I aint get to enter the tourny though, wudda been a waste of slot.

    I gotta say good shit to Steve H though getting like 7 perfects outta 10 rounds, every time I looked at the screen he had no damage.

    All-in-all I have really bad luck. Maybe Ill show up (and actually play) next time.

    @Dai: My bad about not calling or anything, got sidetracked Friday.

  2. im mad late but i wanna try and get in on some gg. the problem is i only played ggxx#R seriously because that was the only one i had and still play sometimes(for pc, i use jam). but i just got ac so ill try to train my ass off and ill go for sure. is there an actual way to really train by my self???? also i know krochos and ill probably be showing up with him on saturday

    Yeah sorry Squared but Ima team up with this guy. Luckily though, Im prolly saving you an early loss...

  3. You never know when people (including me) forget.


    Ok I got word. Sp00ky is coming. With what looks like the case is he doesn't mind not getting anything money wise....as long as he gets ride. He lives in Bay Ridge, pretty close by and accessible (neighborhood wise a 10ish minute drive, don't know his specific address). If not, because it's his preferred option if we must and the popular option here, the $2 venue will be added on.

    Also the guy who voted for 4 is in case people are wondering and can't be bothered to check...thy nigga whom hath said EX Slayer....

    updating first post.

    Good that means I can watch my embarrassment time and time again >_>

    As for the voting I was just fucking around, but I am cheap so I had to agree with that part at least. All-in-all if it werent for Spooky and other streamers I would never see any of these tournys, if anything I should pay extra...

  4. and im ill take out the memory card.

    GET AT ME.

    I aint know NJ was so afraid of that EX...

    EX Slayer guy will not come, so don't even bother with that dude. I was supposed to play him like half a year ago and I have yet to see him.

    We gonna run that Wolfman Gerber Baby concept match, build some hype for BB since all the hype as been GG (rightfully so) But still BB is going to be around for a long time so niggas better start to like it.

    As I alrdy said, I'll go there broke idc. Just wanna see some good GG playing live, tired of watching vids...