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    New York City Thread #1582048

    "We face a reality far worse than any script-writer could imagine..." < an angry biscuits?
  2. Actually I went just i had 2 bounce early (b4 GG even started sadly). I got a game in against biscuits n Marlinpie in GG. I was fucked either way I looked at casuals when I was available, either I played Biscuits/Mahouko with my garbage ky, or I went up against the winner of Marlin/Steve H. Only reason I wasnt playing a lot of casuals was cuz I was tryna support my boy on MB. Good thing I aint get to enter the tourny though, wudda been a waste of slot. I gotta say good shit to Steve H though getting like 7 perfects outta 10 rounds, every time I looked at the screen he had no damage. All-in-all I have really bad luck. Maybe Ill show up (and actually play) next time. @Dai: My bad about not calling or anything, got sidetracked Friday.
  3. I got some Riesen and some Werther's Original that I dont mind getting off my hands, plus the reaction on the "winner's" face will be priceless... Add me 2 the candy match list Mahouko!
  4. Yeah sorry Squared but Ima team up with this guy. Luckily though, Im prolly saving you an early loss...
  5. Ima start on Wednesday so w.e I learn I'll remember it.
  6. I likes it, are EX Chars even allowed for this tourny?
  7. Depending on when I wake up on Sat I'll try and get there early to help out, thank you Spooky in advance.
  8. Good that means I can watch my embarrassment time and time again >_> As for the voting I was just fucking around, but I am cheap so I had to agree with that part at least. All-in-all if it werent for Spooky and other streamers I would never see any of these tournys, if anything I should pay extra...
  9. I aint know NJ was so afraid of that EX... As I alrdy said, I'll go there broke idc. Just wanna see some good GG playing live, tired of watching vids...
  10. Thus being why you may lose, so used to normal chars an EX one is a wildcard. Also 10 what, Hershey's Cookies and Creams? =p
  11. Fuck that Im showing up this time, with or without money. I wanna play better players so I can get better. I just feel bad for whoever gets teamed up with me >_>
  12. Random mirror match? Fuck it. I still wanna play that mirror with Biscuits.
  13. I still want that rematch in BB, hopefully you dont storm out this time. >_>
  14. Sounds good, whats our team name? Team "Gay for Mahouko"? Team "Biscuits is FREE"?
  15. As always I'm willing to show but may not be able to, I'll see as the rest of the month pans out. I still owe Biscuits a beating with EX Slayer...
  16. Krochos

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Anyone hiting CF tonight?
  17. Krochos

    New York City Thread #1582048

    It really sucks that I couldnt make it out to the bi(?)-weekly and now I have to wait a while for the next one, but I will be at CF tonight.