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  1. This is super funny. I remember you came over my place with Ray and didn't play and single game all day. You can't even say you weren't good at something because we were playing random ass shit all day. You sat on my couch for like 9 hours and didn't play or say anything.

    The rest of you guys have seriously never met this dude before? When i'm at cf i'll point him out to you if you are there.

    Yeah um wrong person moron. Ray has many friends, yes Im one of them but Im sure I wasnt the one @ ur crib you can ask him yourself. Get your facts straight next time.

  2. lol, ok. I'll see what is going on and stuff.

    EDIT - @Dai, wow, calm down. l assumed that we couldn't come if we weren't playing. Also, not everyone has lots of $$$. You know how much l have to my name right now? Just enough for the event. No food, transportation, etc.

    So pardon me if l don't want to spend the last of my money to play a damn game. l said l'd come help out if anything, so l don't understand what's your problem.

    I feel u on the money issue but u always have to lose something to gain something, at the end of the day no1s gonna force u to go or join the tourney but its ur lose. If ur afraid of losing dont let it hold u back, each loss makes u better be it a 10-0 raping or a close final round guard damage ko. If it makes things easier Ill pay for Tempest's BB fee, fuck it.

    My problem is I've put up with shit excuse based attitudes ever since I've entered the scene and now I'm at the point where I go off wherever I see people justifying lack of support based on their own perceived shortcomings.

    Ill admit I was the same way about going to tourneys, why waste money if ur 90% sure ur gonna lose. But I rather go and get shitted on by Biscuits then stay home getting frustrated @ Ranked BB.

  3. Idk if anyone else using these exact combos but I thought I wud drop down my BnBs and a few of my special combos.


    1: 5BB>2BB>5CC>236B>214A (I normally skip this if Im in the corner so I can do 3CC>236236D or 3CC>623C>236C>214C) >22C(held for a bit)

    2: (If the range is off) 5BB>2BB>5CC>236A>22C

    DD Corner Combo: (Does about 4000) IAD>j.C>5A>5BB>2BB>5CC>236B>22C>3CC>236236D

    Then my best combo (4700): IAD>j.B>j.C>5A>5BB>2BB>5CC>236B>214B>22C>3CC>236236D

    Everything else is on the fly situational crap so I can run away n charge >_>

  4. Damn...

    Pardon me if it already says this in the article lol. But when is this going to happen? l hope not soon. lf l have to pay extra moneys, l need to be some sort of 'settled in'

    Ive been told that if passed it'll go into effect next year. I dont mind the extra 25 cents on the fare (now i wont have random quarters lying around) but those monthlys are getting outrageous.