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  1. Any gatherings happening anytime soon? As long as they're

    -In NY

    -Free =(


    -Convienent (Location wise, mainly)

    l will make a time to get to it. l've been quite busy and broke for the past few months, but now that my birthday passed l have a little money to spend, and things are hopefully looking up.

    And plus l really want to start meeting you guys so l can get better and probably make a friend or two =(

    So whatever is happening in the next week or so, l won't mind coming.

    Money + living in NY = stop being lazy and go to CF on Friday

  2. Might have played you. I remember there was some Tsubaki player that raped my ass. I was mindfucked because i saw that same Tsubaki doing crazyass combos on the computer. If that was you, good shit dude, the match was won before it began :yaaay:

    I doubt that unless ppl r uploading vids of me playing without my knowledge, It might be cuz I used 2 use that purple color like the tsubaki in the vid compilation thread.

  3. http://shoryuken.com/f3/rape-culture-normalized-248033/#post9386835


    Rape has been "cool" in japanese culture for years (they have an anime called Rapeman) so its not that amazing for rape to be thrown around here in the states. That kinda post was just asking to be trolled. Sensitivity is so gay, and those with higher levels of it need to be raped.

    Yeah I said it, RAPE

    EDIT: All that needs to be said, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKsVSBhSwJg

  4. Name: Krochos

    Location: Manhattan


    T6: Wang/Dragunov/Steve

    SF4: Cammy/Ken

    BB: Tager/Jin

    AC+: Baiken/EX Slayer



    XBOX: KrochosTheGreat (Marvel)

    Side Note: Ive been out of the loop on fighting games for a while trying to get back into them, any meet-ups in the NYC area I would try to get to. Also I wanna start playing MB...

  5. The Justice threads. Though, if you simply click on the blue arrow next to Hecatom's or Edge's names in the qoutes it will automatically bring you to their post, then just go back to the first page and read =]

    EDIT: Err, actually, if you meant about Zato/Eddie, then you'd probably have to look his story mode for AC+... I can't remember where exactly, but I have seen it around a few times for the dialouges to story modes >_>

    I was mentioning the Justice thing, it was funny tho. Lol. Dizzy's story explains it well enough. Oh Hec lol

  6. Thanks, I just couldn't believe he actually said that.. you should read the whole thread, it's awesome for shitz'n'giggles. xD As for Eddie, well, assuming he's still alive (since at the end of AC+ in one path he just broke free of Zato's body as a new sentient being) I think they should still have him use the same old stance and attacks, just a new look is all. Assuming he is in the next GG of course. >_>

    And where would I find this good sir?

    another ?, Who is ABA connected to? I know her "history" with being locked up and all that but that's abt all I know. Sadly.

  7. Yeah man keep playing that gg. Ill keep playing it. Yo went to cf today and was so sniffles. Daily broken shit report BB: b button on both sides are broken...still had a seven game win streak with Nu ( no b required) GG: Player 2 side is perfect! Player one side had no kick and punch... mebe its just the fact that i went on a monday but...cf was filled with mashing tourist and ddr players...the gg buttons were fine before they came...sigh.

    I heard that in Japan if u mash on a stick u get thrown out, idk if that's true but if it is we need 2 adopt that rule. Also sumone needs to put up a sign saying "GG sticks ARE NOT HANGERS" I've seen too many jackasses hanging their bags and shit there -_- not cool...

  8. U think all of us 14-16 year old people just play cod right? I see why now that i think about it......... what ever happened to kids going to the arcades to spend their quarters T_T

    Well would u rather waste countless dollars on an arcade or buy the game for $60 (sf4/t6 example) and pay it off in 60 games and get the rest for free? Bad economy man. If I had money like I did when I was 14 (and mvc2 was hot and a quarter unlike these new shits)I would be all over arcades. Every 2 games of sf4 or t6 takes away my transportation money for school. Times is rough.

    Side Note: $1 tourneys FTW!

    Side Note#2: ima try and make the next NYC tourney, I wanna see biscuit's ex slayer >.<