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  1. Lol well my bro is older then me n has been using king since T1. I guess king is that stepping stone 4 everyone. Lol. I have stepped on him quite a lot :-D all I know is if I give my bro 1 grab I'm done :'( taught me good keep away. My mom always hated King saying "mexicans aren't built like that!" lmao

  2. @ Hammerfist: I can't tell if that's a shy-guy or arakune (I kno its arakune) As for T6 being bad eh idk, it cud have been better. I haven't really played a tekken since 4 (I literally used 2 just play them once a month) so idk how well the transition from 5/5DR - T6 is. I do know one thing, it needs 2p custom. If soulcalibur (kinda) and VF (amazingly) can do it, why can't tekken? They had it in 5, why drop it?

  3. I like dragunov so far, he has good mix ups. And he can chain a lot. Only thing I hate is that his doa counterpart (only other sambo fighter) has a gud amount of chain throws and ground grabs. Give Dragun either if not both of those n I will jizz myself :-x Do any of u guys play @ CTF? I heard abt this Fab guy, anyone played him?

  4. Idk who fab is but I'm glad he wasn't there. I'm hyped but mad too, my only loss was 2 a cheap yoshi. We were both dieing n I missed a combo then he missed one, I went in for a 2nd n he low hit me twice -_- bitch move. How some asian took up the whole machine 2 play all the way thru arcade? And he lost to azazel -_- ppl these days.