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  1. So far its a ok game, its definitely the grandest of the tekkens. Plus idk if I'm the only one to notice that they took a lot of ideas from the SC4 team. The whole buying an item 6 times to have all the colors of it sucks. I like some of the new moves for certain characters (steve, christie, dragunov). Al around I think its a good game, but they seriously need 2 patch that 2P custom shit >.<

  2. Lol depends how much money I bring, either way I haven't gone hard on GG since 07, I'm close to 3 years or rust. Its gonna b sad if I do beat u. Now if this was abt 3 years back, when I actually gave a damn abt GG I wud work u. Hell I cud bring up a lot of games I was a beast in, but after a while ppl move on. Either way ima try and make it 2 the next event.