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  1. Lol sf4 stims. There's gonna be one out in BK, I don't know the exact address but I'll hit u up b4hand wen I find out if ur down. Sadly sf4 is the only game I really play now a days (2d-wise) due to the fact its recent and highly popualr (sadly again). Funny thing is, everyone who I know that plays sf4 (including me) hates it. Its like work :-/ mite as well get a payday from it.

  2. Well see there's a minor issue there, my skills in GG I fear just go progressively downhill. I've been far too long gone from my 2D fighter days. I've been playing too much gow and l4d and shit of the like. But if I do show up for the meet up I hope 2 lose cuz I've always been the type of gamer 2 take a lose and build up from it. I hate losing so it just makes me a better player wen I do. So I ask again, location?

  3. Ima make an as of myself and just say it; I think u guys r afraid of EX Slayer :) Yes he's broken, but there are tons of broken characters in fighting games. Sol is one, Sagat in SF4, Gen Fu in DOA4, they're everywhere. Do ppl bitch about them? Of course, but they still play against them. Why? Because thats the point of all these games, to play and enjoy urself. If ur gonna cry about a character that just shows how bad u r :-x Question about "meet-ups", do u ppl play SF4?