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  1. See if u think I'm a bad player becausei choose 2 use EX Slayer that's ur opinion, I only started 2 use him in GGXXAC. Before that I was using normal slayer (& kliff in reloaded). Just that I got acustomed to using him since he fought so smoothly. Either way, I've lost my edge on GG long ago so I can't rly talk much :( I am trying 2 get it back tho. On the BB note, its not that its a horrible game. Its the fact that everyone who followed GG expected it to be on the standards of GG. Which was a big mistake. It tries to, but it doesn't hold up to it.

  2. Eh I don't rly like arcades that much, I've always felt more comfortable on a controller. I luv me a ps2 (or 1 or 3) d-pad. Since I'm in the upper manhattan area in NYC I was wondering if there was anyone else on here in the NYC area that wudnt mind doin a meet-up so I can show off my amazing Slayer :) anyone? Name: Kane "Mr. Bogard" Marco Location: Manhattan, New York City, New York Games: GG(ACPlus preferably), BB, SF4, SF3 3rdS, DOA(3 &4), Naruto(idk if this one counts lol) Characters: Slayer(EX), Iron Tager, Cammy(SF4), Ken(SF3), Christie/Bayman, Kimimaro/Neiji

  3. I have 2 agree BB is horrible sorry. I thought it wud have been @ least ok but no. Its like a sad sad version of GG (I hate even comparing it). Now back 2 CTF and all, I've never been 2 a GG event there :( I've seen a few 3rd strike ones tho. Quick question though, who here is actually from ny? I wudnt mind seeing sum gud GG players in the local area that play for fun. (I'm a Slayer whore) :)