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  1. omg you're alive

    1. ZONG_one


      haha yeah after like 2 years? >.>

  2. ZONG_one

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I am ready to play a good game finally.
  3. My God, haven't heard from you in a while. You on that P4A grind as well? And have you thought about driving down to SD once in a while? I know dsmoove did a few times. :)

  4. how come I aint seeing you playing carl anymore in BBCSEX? u'r one of the guy I look up to next to DIO @_@

    1. ZONG_one


      I didn't like EX, but I'm playing CP now ^-^

  5. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggaaaaaa :O

  6. will there be no singles tourney at all then? if that's the case, I may just see you guys all next time! ^-^ I may still go, who fucking knows. -________-
  7. ok so I'm gonna try and come take yer monies at the next one. also, dropping Relius before I even pick him up, back to Carl it is.
  8. New idols season when??

  9. You on dat Relius bandwagon? <3

  10. Lol but song before we square off at EVO question for u. Are u gonna main Carl or relius cause I might switch my main. But your on zong its time for America to have a new Carl or relius champ

  11. haha yeah I mash online, come play sometime if you see me again. and meh, same shit. you?

  12. Good stuff at EVO and previous matches. I'm still gettin better with Carl. I will be competeing in the next EVO so we are gonna be major rivals