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  1. haha yeah I mash online, come play sometime if you see me again. and meh, same shit. you?

  2. I haven't logged on in months lol. <3 thankssss brooooo. ^-^

  3. Episode 2 Avy up.

  4. Hahaha. I'll get on making a new one.

  5. I need to l2skype. I don't know how what why where anything lol. :[

  6. LOL, and which stories would these be?!

  7. yeah, I knowwwww. :[ Dustloop isn't really appealing, now that no one plays cs and we have no cs2. >:l

  8. dustloop is dead to me. :[ I want to go play some EC marvel.

  9. She would be Kanbe Miyuki. :]

  10. Lol my Carl is most definitely not netplay. I'm so offended I don't even want to help you anymore.

  11. I need to learn how to play Carl. :[ Lol what do you need help with?

  12. Not enough decent/fun fighting game in there for me.. :[

  13. Yeah, netplay prevents me from using Carl a lot actually.. "/ But you can fight my Ara, or my Lagna or Lagda.. or Hakumen. :] (Couldn't think of a clever lag name for him lol.)

  14. Hahah >.> street fighter..

  15. >.> I felt like I shouldn't have lost to him ever. but I dunno lol. My ara can't handle noel I guess. I've got his number next time I see him though.

  16. Nigga, they always loved me. ;)