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  1. msn is for nikkas and canadians when are you getting back on psn, it is a fine medium between nikkas+canadians and normal people

  2. I'm still waiting on you to get msn or you can just leave me hanging like this /glare

  3. But... what if it does! I'll have to die with regret that I didn't get to play you at my best! :P

  4. haha no problem. not like the world is going to end anytime soon. maybe. <_>

  5. FML. I'm overseas ATM and won't be back until the Winter season... I'll have to catch you during Winter Break when you've got some time. With classes and such so It's no big, we can play when we got time in our schedules. Sorry if I mislead you on myself being available this Summer.

  6. Yeah, i dont play CT seriously :\ Im too spoiled by CS ragna, it feels like im so gimped in CT lol. Probably when CS comes, but hey, ill be available that month because of summer break, so dont worry, we can play alot if you want o_o also, thanks? o_o and haha yeah i was kinda confused, he said he blocked me but he can still read my posts so whatever <_>

  7. Bro, your post are down right hilarious SKD! It's funny how you get Tempest all mad over nothing. Also, I think it's funny how he's able to get salty over your post though he's blocked you, must be using a 2nd account or something... You should go pro as a comedian, LOL! Anyway, you still pwning people out there? Wish I was able to play you one last time before I left, oh well, I guess there's always CS. I'll hit you up when I get back in the states if you're up for some matches with me by then.

  8. it's adorable, i love them all

  9. everyone on that board is so fucking stupid.

  10. SuperKawaiiDesu

    [CS1] Hazama Gameplay Discusson

    Its just high proration, why should it be changed <_< are you saying ragna should be able to FC como your ass for like 7.5k then finish in carnage scissors to blow you over like 8.4kish. No, because you can tech out after the first hit of carnage scissors, and are in prime position to attack ragna (neutal tech places you right in front of him as he whiffs the second hit)
  11. SuperKawaiiDesu

    BBCS Hitbox Viewer

    Ragna at 2:05, very interesting o_o unfinished move? o_o WHY CS RAGNA COULD HAVE BEEN MORE AMAZING ;_; Good Stuff!
  12. JIYUNA FRIDAY no, i havent been there too much :(

  13. Emo child how has CTF been? I havent been there since forever. Any good new players?

  14. i'm afraid to tell him that most boys hit puberty around 11 and 12 :(