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  1. Done, I'm not making the video or combo thread though since OP has to update those.

  2. Do you have a Twitter account?

  3. I removed your post along with some others in that GG thread because I wanted to move it away from the derail. See my last post in the thread.

  4. I saw you edited it. Thanks!

    1. KurlyBandit


      I just wanted to poke fun, sorry if it seemed hostile

    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      It was fine by itself, but when these situations happen, you have everybody wanting to jump in and just one throwaway comment adds up with like 50 others to snowball into a huge shitstorm.

  5. Please remove the taunt from your post; I just told everybody to dial back the hostility so it's not a good look to pick up again right where it left off.

  6. The reports actually help, so good job.

    1. SoWL


      Okay, good to know that it actually reached you guys.

    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      Yeah. I just had no context for it so I had to take some time to read through everything.

    3. SoWL


      Yeah, saw your post in the feedback thread, I'll be more elaborate next time.

  7. Please don't post hit-and-run style empty comments. It doesn't add anything to the thread and just encourages others to spam it too. This is related to that GG Sol suggestion thread.

  8. i cant tell who you are anymore with that avatar lool

    1. Myoro


      Heh yeah, I've been trying this one out, but I don't think it really fits me ether XD. It's a shame because it's such a good pic and I've nowhere to use it. I'mma change it back right now I think.

    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      It's hard to see with the smaller avatars. It might work better when we get the big ones back again.

  9. Do you still play?

    1. Myoro


      Yes I do! Though I haven't been able to as much recently with college. All the same, I've played enough to where I'm a little bit better than I was in CP1.1 in CP2.0 I think. Even though my time is scarce I've been labbing and following news a lot.

      Why do you ask?

    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      I got the US version so I'm getting back into the game. I also got a capture card so I've been streaming. :3

    3. Myoro


      Ah awesome! We definitely gotta have games some time soon.

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. schneiderx is already taken!!

    1. Schneider-X


      I guess I shall reveal my secret now. Follow me at SchneiderX204 and see me not tweet anything! :D

  12. Do you have Twitter?

    1. Schneider-X


      The true test is if you can find my potential twitter :O

  13. Had to hide your post. Image posting isn't allowed on DL :V

  14. check your inboxxxxxx

  15. Keep in mind everyone can actually look up your tweets and see them without following you. Following you just brings it to them, basically.

  16. Any other questions?

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    2. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      Yeah. It's like broadcasting publicly. Or if all of the comments on DL were just going in one giant page like a stream chat.

    3. Wander


      ill try twitter the next time i want to do matchmaking, whenver that is tho.... as a final note, i really need that buffed 4c. I am so conflicted in staying in the air and zoning and staying on the ground and gaining meter. my ground game is terrible and i end up doing both halfassed.

    4. mAc Chaos

      mAc Chaos

      Get on Twitter now and we can use that to chat. It's easier.

  17. BTW DL doesn't tell you when someone replies to your comments. Only when someone posts a new comment thread. So FYI

  18. Also your j2A always catches me every time...

  19. I liked your 2C combo. That is some mean AA. I noticed you weren't using huge OD combos though as much.

  20. GGs Wander. I was super sloppy for the first half. Probably because I literally rolled out of bed and started playing when you messaged me. :V

  21. lol im dropping so many combos vs you i always land

  22. I hid your Anger post. You're not supposed to post picture / spam type posts.

  23. Are you playing right now? A Haku playing friend of mine was looking for other Hakus to play.

    1. BlackYakuzu94


      I wish I could, but I got class in the morining. Gotta sleep.

    2. mAc Chaos