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  1. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    2H being special cancellable is SO NICE. You can confirm almost any distance into knockdown, and it helps pin down grounded characters so well. I'm with you on that Rashousen feint, lol. Would be nice if 2P/5P were 1-3F more plus, or they made 5K/2K 1F faster, but yeah.
  2. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    Haitaka might change a lot for the 2nd loc test - to me it seems like the most likely thing to change, if anything does.
  3. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    Are they 1 hit or 2 hit? I haven't been able to find any actual video of them. Also, do we know what the new air gatlings are?
  4. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Combo Science Thread

    Midscreen "5D->6, c.S, 5h, Rensen, down" does a bit more damage (84 dmg on Sol). The corner one is great, but doing "j.D, j.D, j.D" at the start does slightly more damage. 144 dmg and oki vs the up dust followup's 121 dmg and no oki. Given the option, I'll probably use "5D->6" almost every time, since you get oki.
  5. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    I'm trying it out with a bunch - doesn't seem too different. Millia/Sol still dashes under 6P and 5P, but their crouch gets hit by 6P. May is... weird. 6P goes over her crouch when her head is at the bottom of the crouching idle animation, otherwise it connects (block or no block). I can't remember how different that is from before.
  6. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    It can make for a good air throw set up, but keep in mind they don't need to jump - they can just whack you or backdash (in some cases). I'd advise against those kind of setups vs Slayer, however. He has way too many options in that situation.
  7. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    It's pretty bad, but you can condition them into blocking, and then try it out maybe once per set. It can also be used to safely trap bad jumps from a distance, but that's pretty rare. If you have 50 tension, you can get nice damage off it, or RC if they react (be ready with 6P or air-throw for their IAD). If you condition them to expect Rensen at a certain point, Rashousen can get them, but it's still a once-per-set gimmick at best. Use it up close, where it's harder to react to in time. Oh, and don't do it on netplay - that's pretty sleazy, lol.
  8. brningpyre

    [Xrd] Axl Gameplay Discussion

    Speaking of Sol, I noticed he's lost his RC out of his reversal (Volcanic Viper). Can Axl still RC/FRC S-Benten? I haven't seen any doing it in videos, and I forgot to try it at EVO.
  9. How come the new beginner Bang thread has a Makoto guide as its only link? Also, lovin' CS2 Bang combos. And Bang in general.
  10. brningpyre

    [CSE] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    For Hakumen's challenge #4, how do you get the dash into Tsubaki? 66, 2147C doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm just not doing it fast enough? The rest of the combo is easy, I just can't figure out what input I should be doing for the start. EDIT: Ne'er mind, I managed to figure out, after trying a bunch of stuff. For those others having any problems with it, the motion I used is: 6632147C
  11. brningpyre

    [CS1] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    How many hits can we get in before the EGadget followup from collider won't connect anymore. Same for the collider, collider (whiff), 6B, 2C, Collider.
  12. brningpyre

    [CS1] Iron Tager Complete Guide

    You rapid cancel it (RC). So, 3C, RC, 41236D, ????, PROFIT!
  13. Nevermind, thread title changed.
  14. brningpyre

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    Yet lucrative...
  15. 36 hour drive = ALMOST worth it...