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  1. But Im not a jerk, =( I missed all my Astrals anyway.

  2. but...you'll just try to Astral me :< and astrals are for jerks

  3. Yeah, I drop a lot of Arakune's more frame intensive combos and moves online a lot (like the j2A cancels), but I agree. If I know what's good against what, I'll get it down eventually. BTW... I tried my damn hardest to avoid that tech > command grab trap you guys love, but you still got me with it at the end... can you start an air combo off of that jab if I don't tech... and if you do, is it less damaging than the command grab?

  4. well im not like most bangs, I'd like taking on challenges even if the match up is horrible, lol. trying to IB online is one of the hardest thing to do. I'd just focus on what has priority and what beats what.

  5. Pretty sure that's the opposite of what most Bangs usually tell me, lol. I just don't often play good ones so I need to learn when to IB and what beats what, etc.

  6. lol sure it be alot fun getting practice in against a Arakune as well

  7. One of these days you and I need to sit down and just play for like 2 hours. After that I'll be master of escaping pressure and block strings.

  8. SKD Is the child that i molested.

  9. Lionhart is a child molester

  10. but srsly when i make a custom ava for here, what size should it be?