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  1. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Nope nope nope nope nope. Taipei has 4 cabs of Maxiboost at Tom's World in Ximending in the Wan Nian building since March? If Taipei has it, I'm pretty sure that the other big cities in Taiwan has it as well
  2. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Was in Hong Kong this last weekend, I guess multiple arcades there have Maxi Boost now Taiwan just got it last night as well
  3. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    One day I'll figure out how the new subsystems/EX overdrive works... In the meantime, hey free BRs!
  4. Two questions: 1. Is there some sort of guts system in place where you take less damage with less health/or is it you just take the same damage at all times 2. What's the OTG damage stuff like? I know it's always a weird percentage whenever you're on the floor and you take a ground hit, but I'm kinda curious what exact numbers are put in place
  5. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    I can't wait to play Shining Gundam again, was very disappointed that he wasn't at the loketest
  6. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Oh I just remembered something. I remembered I rainbow stepped out of God Finger *whiff* by accident, I was pretty sure that move had to be boost cancelable or am I just remembering the wrong game
  7. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Went again yesterday for like an hour. Got bodied by the secret netplay lords in Taiwan that teamed up, so couldn't really figure out if there were any changes for God Gundam. I just got zoned out to death Maybe he has something new from his melee, but everything else felt the same. Oh. RX-78 has his old Charge shot back from GvGNext goodbye useless grenade
  8. Zero000

    [MB] The Maxi Boost General Discussion Thread

    Got to play it a bit this last weekend at the Taiwan loke test. Problem is, I don't even know about the changes in Full Boost. Seems like there's some fancy new meter thing that is shared with your teammates. In short, I was just really playing EXVS, but a little safer since God Gundam is 3000
  9. Zero000

    [FB] Online Matchmaking & PSN List

    I'm going to be streaming some Asia netplay when I get my hands on my copy. www.twitch.tv/zero000 I usually hop on after work/dinner so around 8 PM (GMT +8 hours) aka early morning/afternoon stream for US folk Also if you're in Asia, let's play!!! Add me on PSN PSN: Zerpin
  10. Zero000

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    it would be a licensing hell
  11. Zero000

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Brett, want to try to netplay half way across the world? Japan vs East coast I'm on team FiOS so maybe it'll be ok hopefully. Also, I made a fancy spreadsheet, put your info in here guys http://tinyurl.com/87v3u7q Edit: what he said ^
  12. Zero000

    New York City Thread #1582048

  13. Zero000


    no character love
  14. Zero000

    NEC XI Results & Shoutouts

    Shoutouts for not entering BB Feels good. Also to bumping into Zong once again after SCR and once again handling my bitching of BB pretty well. shoutouts to steve H since he'll probably never see these shoutouts Finally met the infamous Sogos, Shoutouts for him being banned again I should of wrote "Hi Blade" on your shirt instead of -SMD no props to me being sober this weekend. That was a low