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  1. yo you live in oakland? I don't really play much but I'd be happy to get back into things if I had a consistent partner. Where in oakland do you live?

    1. slipgater


      Adams Point, kind of by the Whole Foods.  Behind the Grocery Outlet on Broadway.

    2. WintySoSolo


      i can get there fairly easily. Would you be interested in meeting up for sessions? what games do you play? I'll play pretty much anything.

  2. does that mean both ghosts and bags?
  3. WintySoSolo

    [Xrd] King Ky - Combo/Setup Listing and Discussion

    5K c5S 5H/f5S 236K RC dash 214K c5S 2H 623H will, from opponent in starting position, carry to corner for a second c5S 2H 623H. Is there a better carry combo after the RC here? 5H/f5S is depending on spacing which will hit. I didn't see this listed, the only 236K RC combo I saw was 236K RC 214K 5S 236D.
  4. WintySoSolo

    [Xrd] King Ky - Gameplay Discussion

    how much will I lose out on if I don't use this fancy new(3H, 236D) and just pretend I'm still playing #R? Those little...gate things from 236D, in challenge most of the combos that set them didn't put me in a position to use them afterward.
  5. WintySoSolo

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    i'm a lazy shit so all I use is love. also I like to float.

    1. mAceOfHearts


      What ideas do you have? My best one is probably ´´Team Golden Experience``.

  7. how the fuck do I do jB overhead off of swallow moon every time I TK swallow moon and cancel I end up back on the ground - which is cool if I wanted to grab them or something but that's not what I originally intended. what am I doing wrong help
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaHYYYd5UAU i know you told me to OD on the normal missiles but I just love things that are big and thick you know what I'm saying
  9. 24:52 in the video linked above, towards the start of the first round. he does 6ACH 5C jB djB jD(pan) 66 6A 6C j236C jC land 5D(pan) step 5C 6A 236B
  10. WintySoSolo

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Q&A Thread

    haku astral counters attacks and grabs and loses to projectiles haku 236236D counters attacks and projectiles and loses to grabs.
  11. WintySoSolo

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Gameplay Discussion

    I believe he misunderstood the wording of the change and thought fenrir forces standing in CP2. I went back and checked and it just says it forces them lower to make the full thing hit. Of course in CP2 they are also reducing the damage of combo muzzle flitter so all those numbers will go down.
  12. WintySoSolo

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Critique Thread

    i've played blazblue since CT release. I've never played noel before, this is footage from my third day with her. I've seen a few videos, I kind of get what I'm supposed to do, but I don't have the muscle memory down yet, so I just kind of...do random shit. I'm west coast and I have a pretty fluid schedule. I'd love more matches.
  13. WintySoSolo

    [CP] Noel Vermillion - Critique Thread

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5uPj8r6-vM day 3 of noel(i play blazblue every other day) i have no idea what I'm doing please_advise
  14. hi i'd love to come to this, but I'd need someone to pick me up from a train station(and take me back there afterward). For personal reasons, I do not take the bus, and it sounds like walking to the venue from the train station is simply not an option. if you can help me out, please contact me, and we can work on details.