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  1. Eshi

    [BBCF] Amane Nishiki Combo Thread

    While this thread is still under construction, I would like to point out some things. Amane's average damage has shot up hugely in this game, but as a general rule grounded combos are better than longer air routes. The trajectory on his air C attacks changed quite a bit so j6C [2] > j2C is a lot harder to land consistently, and jB > jC is impossible to end combos with now. And for anyone interested, Inagi is maintaining a huge evernote with Amane combos. It's all in Japanese but relatively simple to understand and I'll eventually transcribe all I can to here.
  2. New version means a new thread! Questions regarding Amane belong here, everything from gameplay to story mode. If you are asking a question, please put it in BOLD font to more easily distinguish it. For people answering questions, make sure to quote the original post so everyone knows which questions have been addressed!
  3. Finding match-up footage is a huge pain for Amane, but in BBCF he's much stronger so we'll see if this leads to more JP players using him and uploading matches. If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Amane appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available please list with it. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting and discussion of videos only. Notable Players Sendatsu Inagi Jirou Misc Videos Collapsed: Tutorial Videos: - Collapsed: Combo Videos: Match Videos Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Amane Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Arakune Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Azrael Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Bang Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Bullet Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Carl Videos: 08/28/2016 - Sendatsu (AM) vs. Eita (CA) Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Hakumen Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Hazama Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Tager Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Izayoi Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Jin Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Kagura Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Kokonoe Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Litchi Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Mokoto Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Mu Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Noel Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Nu Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Platinum Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Rachel Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Ragna Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Relius Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Taokaka Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Terumi Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Tsubaki Videos: Vs. Collapsed: Vs. Valkenhayn Videos:
  4. I officially christen this thread open! The BBCF demo is out and there's lots of tech to discuss now. It will take me some time but I'll update every thread as soon as I'm capable!
  5. This thread will be used for any discussion of Amane himself. Keep it on topic (preferably gameplay but story is also relevant to some extent as long as it doesn't stray into general story/wishlist/etc.) so it doesn't become chaos in here. General Information Normals A Moves 5A- High slap/punch attack, whiffs on crouching 6A- Anti air move with upper body invincibility. Jump cancelable 2A- Crouching jab (not a low), surprisingly low reach j.A- Jumping jab, can chain in itself in whiff and is the only overhead Amane has. Good for air to air to convert into a combo or bring the opponent in blockstun with you as you land and start pressure. B Moves 5B- Good move that covers a lot of area in front of Amane. Hits 3 times. 6B- Sends Amane diagonally upwards and back after using this move. Causes Fatal on CH. Lower body invincible on frame five. Throw invincible on frame 1 to 4. Allows air dash options afterwards, even on whiff. 2B- Hits low and a good starter j.B- Scarf whip attack. Hits three times and has good range to hit down below. Not an overhead. Pretty long startup. j.2B- Downwards spike. Amane interrupts his current air movement and goes straight down. He bounces back on hit or block unless done low enough to the ground. If used that way, lots of frame advantage. Not an overhead. Will not remain active until you land. C Moves Long range multi-hit pokes with slow startup. Hit 2 times from about 5 character lengths away (the knot at the end of the scarf). Second hit pulls opponents in. Will whiff at close range since there's no hitbox in between the knot and Amane. No hurtbox as well. 5C- Scarf extends forward at about head level. Whiffs on crouching 4C- Shorter but faster version of 4C. Not good for neutral or pressure but extremely good for combo routes. 2C- Long range attack along the ground. First hit is low. Forces stand on hit. 1C- Shorter but faster version of 2C. Only one low hit and doesn't force stand, but still pulls the opponent closer. 5B > 1C is a true combo and is also great for block strings. 6C- Diagonally upwards reach. Causes fatal on CH. Pretty unreliable as an anti-air due to it's slow startup. Very useful in combos. 3C- Sweep attack that slightly moves Amane forward. Only C attack that only hits once and isn't a long range attack like the rest. It's a regular normal. j.C- Diagonally downwards striking scarf attack. Has good utility at neutral. Not an overhead. j.6C- Scarf extends horizontally from Amane in the air. Mostly used for combos. j.2C- Downward/down-forward striking attack. Not an overhead. Drive: Spiral 3 levels of drill gauge. Gauge increases upon using D attacks and decreases over time. Drill attacks last longer and do more damage with higher level. A drill stays active for a maximum of 16 frames. Drill meter builds on whiffed D attacks solely when you have level 3. Drill can overheat if charged for too long. When overheated, D moves and D specials cannot be used for around 2-3 seconds. After the overheat, you will return to level 1. Each attack will deal more hits if button is held down, with each hit contributing to the drill gauge. Can stop holding moves at any time by releasing the button. Level 3 D moves do a very high amount of chip damage on block. They also have increased frame advantage On hit, they'll do significantly more damage due to increase of both damage and proration. On drill level 3, your gauge will actually raise faster making it easier to maintain it as well as overheating it. As of Extend, all drills can be special canceled on block! This is for useful for for pressure when combined with Zettou and Hariken. Overdrive: Drill gauge is fixed at level 3 and rapidly builds up to it if lower. Note that you can still overheat if you push the drill too much, but that should be pretty hard since it'll try to maintain your drill at level 3 the whole time. Drive Moves 5D- Lunges forward with drill arm. Long startup and existing hurtbox makes it risky to use it as a poke. Causes fatal on CH. 2D- Thrusts drill upward. Can be used as anti-air, but the head invulnerability comes pretty late making it less reliable. Works great during combo. 6D- Drill dropped from above about 3-4 characters away. Isn't an overhead. Easiest way to charge drill meter. Can be held indefinitely until overheat on block or hit, goes immediately into recovery on whiff now. j.D- Downwards drill leg attack. Least damaging drill in Amane's drive attacks. Very strong pressure tool when combined with Zettou special cancel on block. j.6D- Horizontal drill arm attack. Similar to 5D. Most damaging drive normal and should solely be used as a combo tool Specials: Hariken (236D)- Drill charge stance. Pressing A/B/C will summon a drill a set distance away from Amane (A being closest and C being farthest). Pressing D cancels the stance. Summoning a drill now has a hit of its own, allowing it to combo the opponent in air juggles. Summoned drills will last longer on higher drill levels. Drills can be hit to be nullified as they have a hurtbox. Any summoned drill will maintain the drill level from going down during active frames. Maximum active frames of 15 despite active time. Gekiren (623C)- Summons cloth fist from underground. On hit it grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground. It's an unblockable strike that only hits airborne opponent. In BBCF, it's now possible to combo after on CH without having to Rapid Cancel. Will come out at a fixed distance from Amane unless used in the corner. Will be on screen next to the corner if the fixed distance would be off screen. Raibu (236C)- A charging attack. Multi-hitting and with great knockback. Causes wallstick on corner hit. Unsafe on block so should be used in combos or to end them. Ginga (214C)- Amane swipes a fan and summons a slow moving tornado. By far Amane's strongest special, this is great for extending corner combos, safely ending block strings and using meaty to stop roll techs and quick rise. Gosei (j236C)- Air charging attack, like Raibu. Amane first goes diagonally downward then continues with one more hit on the ground. On last hit, Amane will autocorrect to face the opponent of ot applies. Unsafe on block at -7, but with 50 meter, you can make it safe or convert into a combo by using a Rapid Cancel into 2C. Zettou (214A/B and 236A/B)- Command IAD-like hop move. The hop changes depending on the button used, A version is a smaller hop while B goes slightly higher and further. 236X hops forward while 214X hops backward. Can followup with normals after a little cooldown. You cannot cancel into anything besides movement and blocking options before a certain time. On ground Zettou, this is about 14-16 frames depending on the version. On air Zettou, this is 7 frames. Excellent pressure tool and useful in combos. Seijuu (236236D)- Charging super. Damage is inflicted after the dash is complete on hit and is based on drill level. Has invuln and Amane will be a medium distance behind the opponent after the move has completed. Can followup into a combo with level 2 or 3 drill meter. Level 2 followup is 3C, level 3 is 6C. This super will cause overheat on hit of your drill level unless it's rapid canceled correctly. Goukai (632146D)- Super that summons many drills that travel across the screen. No invuln frames. Pushes the opponent to the edge of the screen. Causes drill overheat. This super does really good damage even on level 1 and can be used to make combos burstsafe. You can increase damage by using Rapid cancel and by using Zettou into forward airdashes. That way the opponent eats more drills. Misc: Ground throw causes wall stick in the corner. Can be special canceled. Very versatile combo routes offered afterwards with good damage. Amane uses his scarf as a bow and himself as an arrow for his air throw. Followup will vary depending on the height at which you throw. Basic one should be 6A jump canceled into air combo. Taunt- Amane takes out a fan and fans himself. Counter Assault uses 5B animation. Astral info: 222D Amane Azrael Platinum Bang Tsubaki Bullet Tager Arakune Rachel Taokaka Litchi Carl Makoto Relius Jin Noel Ragna Hakumen Valkenhayn Hazama Nu-13 Mu-12 Wiki links (contribute if you can) Main page Full frame data Amane Color Palettes 1-6 7-16
  6. Information If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just post the combos you created, but please write them properly. If you are unsure on how to write combos properly, then read the wiki page here. Make sure to read the Notation Used section in this post so that you understand the specific notations used for CHARACTER. Also refrain from using move names and abbreviations. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of combos only. Only the most optimal combos will be listed in this thread. Collapsed: General Notations Used: Midscreen Normal Starters - 2A > 2B > 5B > 1C > 5D > 236C (1952) - 2A air hit > 5B > 5C [2] > 6C [1] > 236D~A or B > 5B > 5C [2] > 6C [2] > 236A > jC [2] > j6C [2] > j2B > j236A > j2C [2] > j236C (3547) - 6B Fatal CH > jC [2] > j236A > jB > land > 2B > 6B > jC [2] > j236A > jB > 2B > 6B > jC [2] > j236A > j2C [1] > j236C (3512) Throw Starters - B+C > 236DD > dash 5C [1] > 6C [2] > 236D~A or B > dash 5B > 5C [2] > 6C [2] > 236A > jC [2] > j6C [2] > j2B > j236A > j2C [2] > j236C (3502) - B+C > 236D~C > dash 2C > 6C[2] > 214A > j2B > j236A > jB > 5B > 4C > 6C [1] > 236D~B (3018) - Air B+C > land > 5B > 5C [2] > 6C [2] > 236A > jC [2] > j6C [2] > j2B > j214A > j2C [2] > j236C (3129) Special Starters - 214C CH > 6C [2] > 236D~A or B > 5B > 5C [2] > 6C [2] > 236A > jC [2] > j6C [2] > j2B > j236A > j2C [2] > j236C (3712) Overdrive Starters - Near-Corner Normal Starters - Throw Starters - Special Starters - Overdrive Starters - Corner Normal Starters - Throw Starters - Special Starters - Overdrive Starters -
  7. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    I'm very good at microdashing, lol. Try the route the Jp combo video uses, it might be easier for you. This is easier for me.
  8. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    I made a quick video about 1 hit hariken oki - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvsYy4JqefE 2A is the only move that will punish forward roll, all other attacks are too slow and allow them to block. Every character I tested on can quick rise without getting hit by the drill & some characters with very fast specials/supers can hit you out of the 2A. I didn't think about using 5C to hit them after level 1 hariken, it totally works! and you can pretty easily break 4.5k damage. I'll redo this video to account for it later. It's possible to set up this situation with other combos, but it's /way/ harder than in BBCF because 1C/4C extend combos for so much longer. I think that's why people haven't really explored this option before. BTW, you don't have to do 2A > 5B > 5C gatling as the OS. You can buffer 5C into what would be the start-up frames of 5B, so if it does hit then you can select a more optimal combo.
  9. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    6D change didn't do anything, forced recovery still makes it bad outside of combos. I'm not sure why they did it as it has no affect on gameplay. I will make dedicated threads once BBCF is closer to console release. Quality of play wildly fluctuates in the first few months of learning & I don't see much point in archiving combos/videos that will likely become outdated in a matter of weeks.
  10. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Taken from Sendatsu's twitter, I believe this is a corner combo with 2A starter and level 1 drill that gives more than 3000 damage. If anyone speaks Japanese, let me know if I translated this incorrectly. https://twitter.com/sendatsu/status/671709447819948034 2A > 5B[3] > 5D > Ginga > dash 2B > 2D > 623C > 5B[3] > 6B > delay jC[1] > j6C[2] > j2C[1] > j2B > j214B > j2C[2] > j236C
  11. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    For people not on Twitter, here's some level 3 drill corner combos from Kamoihito 5A into 8k - https://twitter.com/kamoihito/status/670196120644026368 Hariken drill hit into 10k - https://twitter.com/kamoihito/status/670202879349665792 Also, apparently the god Amane player Sendatsu is ranked 7th overall on the Nesica leaderboards currently! EDIT: I thought about it a bit more and 4C is definitely strong for combos. This never worked before because 5C was too slow, and even if it was faster it wouldn't combo into 6C. For some reason 4C makes the ender possible and might push his average damage up in other situations as well.
  12. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    Ah okay, I thought that could be the case. It never occurred to me that it was useful in this way. By the way, is it just me or does jA combo into jB again like it did before CPEX? I haven't seen that air combo drop once yet. (First post updated to compile all important info, let me know if I should add anything else)
  13. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    A few more updates! New combo? Corner jC > j236A > jB > j6D LV1 > land > 6A > Gekiren. It misses here because his position is too close but I'm sure there's an alternative that could've corrected for it. Damage and Proration values for Amane
  14. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    I'm talking with a JP player and got some info! Here's an optimized corner combo: corner 2B > 5D > ginga > 5B > 5D > ginga > 5B > 5D > ginga > meaty ginga So we can use 5D 3 times in even normal combos, I'm certain that it reaches level 2. Neat~
  15. Eshi

    Amane BBCF Discussion Thread

    A lot more Amane footage here, it's Arukemi so it's very good - http://www.twitch.tv/sasashima_lejaran/v/26720471 At the very beginning, it looks like the SMP on j236C (Gosei) is gone. So I /think/ that you will always get knockdown off of it no matter what, they won't be able to tech in the air while the 2nd is hitting. 3C > Ginga > 5B works in the corner. Not sure if it's worth doing over Raibu but we'll see. Also, apparently Ginga is a short duration starter which kinda sucks. Ginga does not have SMP either! 5D doesn't have SMP either!! Is it just straight up gone? In the corner he can loop Ginga 5B 5D over and over to gain drill, it's amazing. @2:30 - Arukemi ends a corner combo with Gosei and extremely meaty Ginga. I beat this will catch attempts to roll out too! This is WAY better than Hariken oki if so! with low drill level anyway. UPDATE: CONFIRMED! Not only will it beat roll, but if they don't tech at all they will get reset by Ginga. Gross. It seems like 5B got a bit more pushback on it, that combined with the new 1C essentially revives his old 5B > 2C pressure. Gekiren starter doesn't knock down, it causes a bounce and maybe can be followed up without meter????? At least on counter hit. Holy shit I hope it's true.