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  1. What happened to all the tech? =[

  2. I'm on now if you wanna play.

  3. Yo, I haven't played in like a month, but if you wanna get some games, I'd be down at like 12-1 EST.

  4. Leonil_Requiem

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

  5. I can go a few tmrw if you'd like.

  6. I wanna give more characters a go but i feel like it's really late in the game to learn so i was gonna hold off until CP. Izayoi does look really nice for mix-up potential and oki.

  7. I donno. as of right now I play Mu, Hakumen, Ragna, Jin, Noel, Lambda, Hazama and Arakune. and i like Izayoi. It feels like one of those. gotta wait and see :U type situations. Haku was my first main and I've always played him like a 3rd string. I just get really nervous with him in tourney and do dumb stuff.

  8. Definately i'll be on around 4 till the rest of the day. CP you're playing Haku?

  9. Leonil_Requiem

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    fuck tiers, it doesn't really matter until someone is playing the character you have a bad match up with, better/to their full potential. do what you can to get to a level beyond that before you met. ^^ Edit : And learn to block. that can make any character top tier. :P
  10. I'll go a few with you. I'd actually appreciate a decent connection at this hour.

  11. yea, but i do that with haku, i don't know why. :(

  12. lol 7 hours. i just did something like that in halo 4 with my friend. nah TK hotaru being worse than hop is obvious, but i wasn't sure if hop hotaru is really +0, or maybe +2 or something like that. i get mixed results with my tests so i'm not sure if i am hitting things at the fastest speed. i tried doing stuff like, recording haku doing hop hotaru > 2A as fast as possible, then trying to use tsubaki or hazama to hit them out of it with 2A or 5A.