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  1. FS7

    [GGAC] Jam Match-up Thread

    Those inputs are incorrect. Bandit Bringer (236 > hold K) Bandit Revolver (236K) You can parry either move and get a free combo. Another overhead worth mentioning is IAD j.S (he knocks you down, GF, FRC, IAD, j.S, which can hit as a cross-up, or he can do nothing, land and go for a low hit/Command Grab). Depending on the distance, you can IAD over the GF and get a free combo (if he doesn't FRC the GF, that is).
  2. FS7

    Jams Basics Thread

    Another option: -H(3) > 6H, S > 2H(1) x Ryujin
  3. FS7

    Jams Basics Thread

    I usually do r.K > S > H(3) > 6H, 6P(1) > H(3) > 6H, etc. For the 6H, 6P link, it's all a matter of learning the proper timing. What move starts the combo shouldn't make any difference. Go to training mode, do H(3) > 6H, then hold back on the stick, see how long it takes before she starts walking back. That should give you an idea on when to press 6P.
  4. FS7

    NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

    I've been messing around with this game lately. So far I've settled with Mai/Big. Big is pretty easy to use, and Mai seems pretty solid. I've tried out Kyo & Iori too, but Mai & Big seem to fit my playstyle better. This probably sounds dumb, but I hate the fact that rolls costs meter in this game.
  5. FS7

    Jams Basics Thread

    This is probably a dumb question, but is there a specific timing/distance to combo the FB Puffball off 5H? I've been playing Jam for a couple of days, every once in a while I get a gap in the combo above, between the 5H & the FB Puffball. Does the number of hits before the Puffball matter? Depending on the character I'm fighting against I do things like: -ground chain > H(3)-6H, 6P(1)-H(3), 236S-D, etc or -ground chain > H(3)-6H, 6P(1)-H(3)-6H, 6P(1)-H(3), 236S-D, etc . Probably another dumb question, is 6H a reliable move to do on the opponent's wake-up? I've seen some Japanese players doing it in some situations, I'm wondering if it's a good option against people who like to do supers/uppercuts or mash throw on wake-up.
  6. FS7

    [VS] General Discussion

    Demitri & Jedah FTW.