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  1. bmckay

    Pachi Comments on GGXrd Character Election

    I just want +R Zappa. No other character on this list is as entertaining as +R Zappa.
  2. Seriously. In this game, just as in nearly everything, being good doesn't immediately make you successful. We all know the stories of less skilled players beating better opponents. Haven't you ever seen Marvel in action? Daigo's always been good enough to win. Not top level, just functional.
  3. Bison's entire gameplan is block or throw. He has no mixups. He gets no throws without ticks. You CAN tickthrow in SFIV-series. Because the throw system is designed for it. At the bolded: Lol. Purple throws are throws executed on an opponent during blockstun or hitstun. No waiting for recovery. Just DO IT. Against people with slow reactions or people who weren't paying attention, Hakumen ate WELL off that shit. Throw breaks reset into neutral. Why are people so against a game having neutral? It's like people want neutral, one mistake, combo, setplay, Let's Rock. I don't see how it could weaken the normal throw game. It's 1-2 Frames. I can tell you right now, I can't react to a damned thing in 1-2 Frames. I'll only ever get a throw break if I coincidentally went for a counter throw. If I don't get a throw break, I was either late and got thrown or I was early and got a throw. Throw animations are ALL long enough to react to and combo off of, either with meter (Slayer, Ky, etc) or without meter (Millia, Leo, etc). So, if one of us wins the throw/break situation, either of us will be able to capitalize on it. If it was 13F like in Blazblue for normal throws and 27F (HOLY SHIT) for Purple Throws, I can see it weakening the normal throw game, but with 1-2 Frames, it'll only ever happen if you were going for the throw anyway.
  4. You don't think SFIV-Series games needed throw teching? Throws in that game are three frames, huge range, and grant hard knockdown, and tick throws work. Hakumen would END YOUR DAY back in CS1 with purple throws and Kisshu-Throw. SO much damage. I mean, really. If the game has bursts that will save from your opponent that is CURRENTLY combo-ing you, I can't see a reason why throw breaking is such a bad thing. Yes, you prevent throw combo damage. You also prevent throw combo damage. Like, Millia can get fullscreen, corner to corner carry with a throw and then start her bullshit for no meter and maybe a hairpin (if you suck like me). And the defender has no recourse. Sure, you can burst. But once you do that, all she needs is a throw and you're back to square one without your greatest resource. You can't block the throw, you can't blitz the throw, and you can't tech the throw. I hope your guessing skills are good, I suppose.
  5. Hi SoBa. I just don't want more balance changes, man. EU still doesn't have Xrd, let alone 1.10, but here we're seeing scheduled Loketests for Revelator. Also, please please PLEASE don't let this be a full retail release. Do it like BBCS1-BBCS2. By buying Platinum, you automatically upgraded to CS2.
  6. I'm glad there's no Xrd cab around here. Roughly half my local scene would be screwed by the layouts lol. They all play K on bottom.
  7. I hate character crisis. I really like Millia, but I'm not good enough at the game to really excel with her and I'm thinking I might see more success by switching to Ky.
  8. It matters as much as having gameplay footage of a game we already have, which is to say, it doesn't. When the videos aren't monetized on the source and are re-uploaded in the same quality without being monetized, there's no difference. The problems start when the quality dips or they get monetized. We don't support that shit.
  9. It's all about those views, man. If one can gain views from a random search, why would one actually create content?
  10. Exactly this. Danger time is only a gamble. You can either ignore it by blocking and backing away and hoping for the best, or you can try to get that first hit in. I don't like it either, but there it is. Escape it with the neutral reset or try to win the scrum. In other news, I hope someone is working on translating the loketest notes from tests 2&3. I mean, if I remember correctly, we still don 't even have a full translation for test 1 either.
  11. I just want to see what Slayer got in Loketest 2 & 3. Loketest 1 was looking HELLA exciting for that poor bastard.
  12. I've been playing Hakumen since CT because MANLY AS FUCK. Since it was Hakumen, it really only took a few weeks (of actual IN-GAME time) to get decent with him, though, I still have a lot of improvement since I stopped playing between CT and early CS, then I dropped BB on CS2 until yesterday when I got CSX.
  13. wow a Washington person. lol

  14. Re: My avatar, I did a google image search for Phoenix/Dark Phoenix. Then I Photoshop cropped it.

  15. Where did you get that Avatar? I love me some latex superheroine boobs.