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  1. Happy Birthday again Kronik...Holy shit, it's been a year already? o.O

  2. Kronikhall

    [CSE] Rachel Alucard Frame Data

    <3 ty
  3. Kronikhall

    [CS2] Rachel vs. Hakumen

    sounds to me like the hakumen is mashing counter. just bait the counter. purposefully pause in your string and if you see the counter, then start a high damage combo on him. that should dissuade him from doing it again. PS: i assume you mean "block-strings." hit strings implies you're actually hitting (ie: comboing) them.
  4. Here are the transcripts for Yukiko's combos 1: 5A->5A(2)->5A(3)->236A (Agi)->236236C or D charged (Agidyne) 2: 214214C (Maragidyne)->214214D (Maragidyne)->236236C or D charged (Agidyne)
  5. All hail Tari: King of Gimmicks, The Original Heart-car Racer, and the Infernal Divider.
  6. oh and i don't know if this was clarified already or not, but from the new batch of screenshots, it's a pretty sure thing that we'll see the p3 cast (minus aigis) using their evokers.
  7. Lol I'd be down, but it's been so long. Can't even remember the rules for combos in that game...
  8. tales of vesperia, anyone? I, for one, was a vesperia master!
  9. Kronikhall

    [CSE] Rachel International Videos + Critiques

    there's that really cool corner carry combo again you're gonna have to show me that one first hand next time Tari
  10. yep haha. it's gonna be weird with her not taking sides here. ex:
  11. oh i thought you went there. my baddd :P

  12. wut? I didnt go anywhere...