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  1. Luv-Sic

    AC: Videos

    You folks have probably already seen this, but I have to post this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNcOQQsA2V4 5:38-5:49 is just FUNNY
  2. Luv-Sic

    I-no vs Axl

    Any vids of Koichi vs Shuuto? Curious to see the top players for these characters go at it.
  3. Luv-Sic

    I-No Combo Thread (Accent Core)

    I'm not sure if reload is anything like x2, but in ggx2 I was able to do 80% dmg using only 25% tension.....and ppl complain that accent core is broke lol. This was against baiken/millia though, but against average defense characters it was still pretty ridiculous considering only 25% tension was used.
  4. 4r5, your sigs hitbox is too big, I keep hitting it by accident.
  5. So in other words, it's not that useful anymore compared to her other options. It's still a neat trick though, might be worth pulling it off every once in a while to get a "wtf" reaction from the opponent. Oh yea, I forgot to thank you, buckles,and whytesakura for the infos, the feedback has been helpful. I've been asking so many questions in this forum lol. edit: Been watching a lot of vids lately, now that finals are over...ppl actually do use this technique often, it's just that I haven't noticed til now.
  6. Luv-Sic

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    lol I'm surprised you don't know what it means, considering your sig. It means dragon punch motion, you input as 623.
  7. Luv-Sic

    AC: Basic and Situational Combos

    Either you got the notations messed up or I'm missing something. 2d is a sweep (only 1 hit). Since you mention cancelling out of a two hit move into rensen, I'm assuming that your talking about either: 1) 2p (2 hit poke, I think you can cancel this into rensen) 2) 2hs (meaty 2 hit poke, but I don't think you can cancel this into rensen) I learned most of my stuff from youtube through match vids, also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tqrb7ZvQEs&feature=related basic block string, normals usually starts with 2K, 5K: 5K -> S© -> 2K -> 2D -> rensen 2K -> 2D -> rensen *Axl's game is centered mostly around zoning w/ his pokes, punishing free jump-ins w/ his anti-airs, and pushing the opponent to the corner for the B-Loop. Oh yea, Axl's damage is actually pretty ridiculous, the B-Loop can drop 70-80% of an opponents life bar easily.
  8. Luv-Sic

    AC: Basic and Situational Combos

    What, Rensen Geki? If your on the left side of the screen, just hold 1, then do 1k, 1d, rensen, etc. Srry, I'm still not sure what your asking....haven't used Axl in a while. Are you using a pad? If so, just do 360 motion, then input dp motion. So, 63214789236 HS. Hard to explain, just try it out in practice.(It's actually really easy once you get the hang of it.) As far as learning curves go, Axl is not that hard. His normals are a bit unorthodox, so I guess that's why some folks feel that he's hard. My advice would be to just get use to doing his normals and see what it looks like/what situation it should be used in, etc. He's got good meaty pokes like 6HS (can be used at the end of a block string to pump the guard bar up) and a ridiculously good 2k (you can use this to cross up or even dodge certain attacks). Also, just search up videos of Shuuto (spelling?) on youtube, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icLAL3dKLGg&feature=related
  9. WTH, I never knew she had this. How come no one does this in Accent Core? Edit: Attsun does it in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DnQX_3UyIc He does it pretty fast though so it's difficult to follow at first. I was just wondering why ppl stopped using the technique in accent core.
  10. Honnou, are you gonna combine all the strategy/combo threads into one or are you just gonna scrap most of it and make an entirely new thread specifically for strategy/combos (seems like a lot of work to go this route lol) ? BTW, Interesting little tidbit, her guitar is named after German-American actress Marlene Dietrich. I-no's guitar is named Marlene, while Shiina Ringo's guitar is named Dietrich. Got this from Japanese wiki (since it's wiki, could be false). There are loads of references in this game...
  11. Luv-Sic

    I-No Media Thread (Accent Core)

    He's really good, but the Slash incarnation of I-no made him godly. He went on a killing spree in the 23 on 23 video. Kind of curious to see how his hands move when he's playing I-no.
  12. Luv-Sic

    AC: Videos

    Thank You!!!
  13. Luv-Sic

    AC: Videos

    Hope this is the right thread to post this. Does anyone here know how to download the vids from this site: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.geocities.jp/toramusi777/ggxx-combomovie.html Maybe the download link is broken. Trying to get that Accent Core Dizzy combo vid.
  14. Luv-Sic

    AC: General Q&A

    I see, thnx for the replies. I have always wondered what was going on. I thought they were inputting the dash prime, but I guess it's just a framerate problem with the arcade cab.