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  1. Status...updates? On Dustloop? I do not understand...

  2. Please sign me up for GG-- hAZ|SSE Holy Order-Troll (Arizona). Also, we will be bringing an Evo monitor that you can use for the tournament, and if needed, an Xbox with GG on it. Also, please let me know if you need help running the tournamrnt or finding players Also, my UMvC3 pool is at noon, so please let me know if this is a problem-- I would hate to cause any trouble. Have not played GG in a looong time, but I heard that a few Japanese top GG players will be attending Evo, and it will be great to play everyone again <3
  3. Sol-Bumguy

    [AC+] XBL Gamertag Thread

    XBL GT: MahvelSisterz* Location: Phoenix, Arizona Usually Online: Weekdays, after 10:00PM or Midnight PST. * This account is shared with my sister/Ky-Sama, so sometimes you may get Order-Sol or Eddie, LOL. Looking forward to playing some of you soon <3
  4. Happy birthday <3

  5. For those of you who are entering any of the games in EVO's OFFICIAL LINE-UP, today is the last day to get the $20.00 discount, so please register to save money: http://evo.shoryuken.com/evo-2012-player-registration/ BTW, there WILL BE GG/BB side tournaments; the details for the GG tournament are being sorted out, and it should be posted soon, IIRC...Hopefully, the same will be done for BB, and the tournaments' times/days will not conflict. Edit: GG tournament announced: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14137-Guilty-Gear-XX-Accent-Core-Side-Tournament(s)-at-EVO2K12
  6. Sol-Bumguy

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Very late reply, but it was great to see everyone (GG players) again, too bad I only played a few people, on Friday only; and played awfully/was more RUSTY than I had been in about 2 years GG's to DBC Loop, Zinac, Taitsu, Xionor, Azure Phoenix and anyone else that I played <3 I wanted to play more people, but had to help run the tournament/entered UMvC3 teams, but glad everyone had fun. Thanks to Zinac for helping run the tournament, especially when Jeff, Ky-Sama and I were in UMvC3 teams (LOL in the same teams), and I do apologize for the minor mistakes/confusion/delays in the tournament. Congrats to the top placers, I thank everyone who entered and I look forward to seeing more of you at EVO <3 Edit: Bobsmack: Can you please post the GG results on FR's main page?
  7. Hey, please please please get my stick from reception tomorrow before you leave. It's ps3. 8 white buttons. Rough button extierior.Sparkle coated ball top and button core pieces. Terribly hard to rewarp cord and that should be all that specific. Blue link aka a larger caucation Brazilian will have dropped it off.Please and thankyou <3 <3

  8. LOL, late response; TBH, I always wanted to bring brownies or cake to a tournament for the GG/BB players, but flaying makes that hard/impossible... I have been playing GG for FR lately; had not touched the game since last time we played (SB/Oct)...Hope you are ready for FR. TBH, I never really liked BB; I used to hate on it and compare it to GG, but now I see that so much, that I would rather just keep my opinion/dislike to myself. IMO, it tends to make players look bad when they keep bashing and comparing games-- GG is GG, and BB is BB; if you dislike one, then do not play it...However, congrats on winning that tournament and I have nothing but respect for players regardless of what they play<3

  9. Sol-Bumguy

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?13303-March-2-2012-Final-Round-XV-Guilty-Gear-XX-Accent-Core-Unofficial-Singles Jeff & friends <3 Kusoru is making things look so much more hype...God, I wish GG was streamed, but only in a perfect world, I suppose... I do know that matches WILL BE RECORDED.
  10. Sol-Bumguy

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    Yes, GG will happen on Friday afternoon... But whether or not GG is in the main line-up, GG at FR has always been promising, hype and diverse with quality players/matches.
  11. Sol-Bumguy

    FFA Airdasher Bi-weeklies Redux! GG-BB-SG Tournaments

    Congrats on 3rd place, Sanoshi <3 Keep it up, hun *hugs*...Holding it down in GG and supporting the scene. Also good to know these Air Dasher RanBats are going strong <3 Really want to make it to one someday, but the button layout scares me:O
  12. And I don't think you've seen me play BB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoQU_pgbQOQ it's nothing special, but i donno, i think people should really give this game another chance. does no one remember GG X. :I

  13. woah, never read that last part. I've been great. making more and more arcade sticks ( http://leonilds.tumblr.com/ ). playing more and more gg... in training mode; and BB is treating me well. if Arksys was any good at promoting it's games, people might actually give it a chance. but you can't pick your family... to use a simile in a metaphor. xDDD how have you been? I'd be lying if i said i never looked at your "about me". tell me you have a new dish for me to try out next time I see you. :UUUUU

  14. Sol-Bumguy

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    I know that everyone is hype/looking forward for the newer games, but is anyone hype for/looking forward to Guilty Gear at Final Round 15? It would be nice to see everyone get together and have good games again <3 Hard to believe that FR is a little over 2 months away:O
  15. Sadly, no, but we have ALWAYS wanted to go...:( Good luck if you are going. We may go to Final Round, if there is enough GG hype <3 How have you been, hun?