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  1. Omex

    [P4AU] Tohru Adachi Combo Thread

    all credit goes to satsuki(?) https://twitter.com/satsuki_azalea5/status/507820765845012480 this was translated using ctrl f + replace so it should be accurate but some small spacing/typo errors may exist mjc Combo (mjc = hop cancel) 5B>(5C1>)2C1mjcJC〜 ①5B>5C>Sweep>214A ②(microdash)5B>2B>J2C ②'2B>J2C Near corner confirms ③B Stance>5B>2B>J2C1>J2D ③'2B>J2C1>J2D ④BStance>5B>5C1>2B>J2C1>J2D ⑤5B>5C1>2B>J2C1>J2D ⑥5B>2B>J2C1>J2D (there's a note at this point about getting b stance to slidestate, it's easiest on chie, and then there's two universal timings, last note is that it will not work whatsoever on minazuki, sho, kanji, or yukiko.) Basic Combos ・5Aor2A×n>Autocombo(orB Stance) ・CorD Megidola fc> 5C>Sweep>214Aor5C1>D Devil ・j/5D>(If you can reach them in time)5C1>2CmjcJC>③' ・AoA C>JBJAJB>JBJAJB>J2C ・DP ch> 5C>Sweep>214Aor5C1>D Devil ・Guaranteed ground CH 2Bch>Falling JB>5B>2C1mjcJC>①3342 ②3039 ③3695 fc = ④4035 Crouch ・5AAorJC>5B>2B>JC>① 2332 JC 2785 Anti Air/Air to air ・2B>JB>J2C ・2Bch>JCスカ>5B>2C1mjcJC>①3152 ②2857 ③3896 ・JA>JA>JBjcJB>J2C ・JBch> Falling JB>5B>(5C>)2C1mjcJC>②2924 ③3920 ・JCch>(5AA>)5B>(5C>)2Cm1jcJC>②3139 ③4154 ・2C1mjcJC>①②③ Near Corner Standing No meter ・C Megidola fc>5B>5C1>2C1mjcJC>③3705 ・AoA Dfc>5A>5C1>2C1>mjcJC>⑥ 3756 Crouching ・5AAorJC>5B>5C>2B>JC>① 2597 JC3154 ・JC Air to Air ch>5C1>BStance>5B>5C1>2B>JB>J2C1>J2D 4068 25% ・Sweep>214AB>5B>5C1>2C1mjcJC>③ 3902 Midscreen 50% ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >66 2C>mjcJC>② 3494 JC4054 ・JC Air ch>5AA> Heat Riser B 〜 ③4274 ・5AAorJC>5B>B Stance > Heat Riser B >2C1>mjcJC>②3540 JC4105 Depending on spacing ・Sweep> Heat Riser B 〜②3687 Non ground hit (?) J2C> Heat Riser B or A Mandala〆 ・CorD Megidola > Heat Riser B >2C ・2Bch>JC Whiff>A Stance>A Heat Riser>2C1mjcJC>②3674 ④4610 ・JBch> Falling JB>A Heat Riser〜 ②3440 ④4179 ・5C1ch Airdash JC>5B>5C> Heat Riser B >Dash 2C1mjcJC>②4470 ③5039 JC ②4134 ③4755 Midscreen75% Awakening ・5AAorJC>5B>5C>Sweep>SB Stance>D Wail 3393 JC3851 why do this instead of heat riser? just if you want fear Midscreen 100% Awakening ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B > Dash 2C1mjcJC>②A Mandala 4334 JC4894 ・JC air to air ch>5AA> Heat Riser B 〜 4520 If you only have 50%, then A Mandala〆 Midscreen ~125% ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B > Dash 2C1mjcJC>②SB Stance >DWail 5A 5042 JC 5615 Meter 50% ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >2CmjcJC>③4063 JC 4675 ・Sweep>A Stance > Heat Riser B >2C1mjc>JC>④ 5135 ・C Megidola > Heat Riser B >2C1mjcJC>②' 2967 fc時④3786 ・D Atom Smasher(?) >5C1>2C 2997 ・(Nothing more possible off of this?) ・JC Air to Air ch>5C1> Heat Riser B >5C1>2C1mjcJC>③ 4978 Awakening ・JC Air to Air ch>5C1>BStance>5B>5C1>2C1>B Mandala>5AA>③' 5228 Silence Paralyze Meter 50omb ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >5C1omb5C1>2C1mjcJC>③' 4278 JC 4929 Awakening ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1>omb2C1>BMandala>⑤4150 JC 5119 Poison Silence Paralyze ・Sweep>A Stance omb>2C1>BMandala>⑤ 5166 Poison Silence Paralyze ・C Megidola omb>2C1>BMandala>⑥ 3644 Silence Paralyze fc時⑤ 3991 Meter 100% Awakening ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >5C1>2C1mjcJC>BStance>5B>2B>J2C>AMandala 4815 JC 5470 ・〜2C1>BMandala>② 4159 Silence ・Sweep>A Stance > Heat Riser B >5C1>2C1>BMandala>5AA>③' 5302 Silence Paralyze ・C Megidola fc> Heat Riser B >2C1>BMandala>⑤ 4213 Poison Silence Paralyze ・JC Air to Air ch>5C1> Heat Riser B 〜 5382 Silence Paralyze Meter 100%omb Awakening ・5AAomb orJC>5B>5C1omb 2C1>BMandala>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >J2C>J2D 4543 JC 5441 Poison Rage Silence Paralyze ・Sweep>A Stance omb〜 5506 ・C Megidola fcomb〜 4183 Meter 125% SB Stance > D Wail routes ・JC Air to Air ch>5C1>BStance>5B>5C1>2C1>BMandala>5B>5C1>2B>J2C>SB Stance >DWail 6959 Meter 125%omb ・5AAorJC>5B>5C1omb2C1>BMandala>5B>5C1>2B>J2C>SB Stance >DWail 6072 JC 6876 Throw Midscreen 50% ・ Throw omc5B>2C1mjcJC>② 2077 ・ Throw omc Dash 5B>5C1>2C1mjcJC>③ 2448 fc時④3048 Midscreen 50%omb ・ Throw omb Heat Riser B >2C1mjcJC>②2688 Midscreen 125% SB Stance >DWail〆 3815 Meter 50% 125% (not much difference between the two?) Meter 50%omb ・ Throw omb Heat Riser B >2C1mjcJC>③' 2848 fc時④3554 Awakening ・ Throw omb2C1>BMandala>⑥ 3044 Silence Paralyze fc時④3491 Poison Silence Paralyze Meter 125%omb ・ Throw omb>2C1>BMandala>5B>5C1>2B>J2C>SB Stance >DWail 5122 Fear specific stuff Midscreen No meter ・5AAorJCor5C1 airdash JC>(5B>2B>JC>)5B>5C>Sweep>A Stance 2574 JC 2982 5C 3593 Crouching 1 rep of loop possible Midscreen 25% ・5AAorJCor5C1 Airdash JC>5B>5C1>Sweep>214AB>Microdash 5B>2C1mjcJC>②3078 ④ 3642 JC②3806 ④4307 5C②4124 ④4688 Midscreen 50% ・5AA>5B>5C1>Sweep> Heat Riser B >2C1mjcJC>②3714 ④ 4265 ・5C1 Airdash JC>5B>5C1>Sweep> Heat Riser B > Dash 5C1>2C1mjcJC>④5894 JCfc 5301 Midscreen 100% (more doesn't change much?) Meter 25% ・5AAorJCor5C1 Airdash JC>5B>5C1>Sweep>214AB>5C1>2C1mjcJC>④3776 JC 4603 5C 4956 Meter 50% 214AB > Heat Riser B (only route possible:) 5A 4665 JC 5436 5C 5805 Meter 50%omb Awakening ・5AAorJCor5C1低ダJC>5B>5C1>2B>JC>5B>Sweep omb 2C1>BMandala>⑤4711 JC 5411 5C 5738 Poison Silence Paralyze Meter 100%omb Awakening ・5C1 airdash JC>5B>5C1> Heat Riser B >5C1omb2C1>BMandala>⑤ 6123 JC 6099 5A 5105 Silence Paralyze Meter 125% (not much changes?) Meter 125%omb ・5AAorJCor5C1 Airdash JC>5B>5C1>2B>JC>5B>Sweepomb2C1>BMandala>5B>5C1>2B>J2C>SB Stance >DWail 6482 JC 7183 5C 7509
  2. 空中バックステップ ・移動値を増加しました。 - not sure what this means, but it sounds like we can't do air actions after air backdash anymore like air chair. :V 5AAA - now travels less distance (not as good of frametrap/anti jumpout option, probably doesn't work in some combos now) non charged 5b - can now be special canceled 2c - can now be special canceled 236236AB - damage reduced there's probably more changes/nerfs we haven't heard of.
  3. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    i'm not 100% sure if the patch notes actually say 'kanji air backdash distance traveled increased', it sounds more like he can't do air actions after it or something. i just woke up out of bed but it does say 値 rather than 距離.
  4. Omex

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pszyi3S3cxU bbcp barrier blocking tutorial
  5. Topic updated to reflect information from the frame data
  6. there's two kinds of knockdown in BB, emergency tech and non emergency tech-if it's an emergency tech knockdown you can hold forward/down/back while teching and you will still get the neutral tech as soon as you hit the ground. if you delay your tech you'll get the roll/etc options. no problem charging for akumetsu with this sort of knockdown. if it's not emergency tech you will get quick getup if you hold 2 and a button once you hit the ground, which won't really let you use akumetsu. easy example? haku 3c is emergency tech, 5D knockdown is not emergency tech.
  7. there's murmurs of him being top 5 with how he plays now, having actual neutral game + his frametraps technically improving due to charge 5B catching them before they jump, a bunch of details people didn't bring up until the game came out in arcades. 2 kanjis in top 20 psr rankings!
  8. Omex

    [P4AU] Kanji Tatsumi Video Thread

    [11/29/2013] White/Black Kanji VS Default Naoto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQLhUE4gWNw#t=110 [11/30/2013] Red/Grey Kanji VS Mitsuru http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHJleo4QED8#t=64 [11/30/2013] No Card Yellow Palette Kanji VS Maliwan (Mitsuru) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtfXw_KQTZg#t=162 [11/30/2013] Nagisa (Kanji) vs Blue/Blonde Narukami http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtfXw_KQTZg#t=398
  9. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    are you going to ignore charge 5b having massive horizontal range, being safe on block and forcing spin state on non CH for dealing with midrange? because yeah
  10. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    5C is CH now, and midscreen is drastically improved with 5C and 2C both being dash cancelable forward, 5C > 2D now being a chain, 5B chargable being able to take up space with non CH recovery to prevent people from running in like mitsuru 5a, narukami 5b, etc. 5b worked decently enough in current revision but the increase in horizontal range and added ability to anti air more effectively with it helps lock down running in recklessly for sure. not only that but the addition of air chairs is really important for his neutral game-he has a huge amount of air movement options now, back/frontdash, double jump, dives at 3 angles and j.c to change his movement as before, but now has the additional air to ground of j.236a and j.236b + j.236AB, two of which are +2 (!) on block. they've definitely given him a bunch of tools to better discourage people running at him at mid range. also, being given a grab while personaless is nothing but an improvement, i don't know why you think it's bad lol. If you catch someone in a knockdown personaless in current revision you have literally no threat in your pressure since your only option is a 13f normal grab to mix them up. with the addition of a better AoA and grab while personaless if you manage to get the knockdown you can stall for time with a less damaging but no less effective at mixup command grab game, which landing one grab will still give you chair knockdown and give you at least one full card worth of regen time. it does -everything- it needs to do as a personaless grab, give you threat while personaless and the reward being 'he gets his persona cards into knockdown' 5b will be better at eating projectiles + tackle autoguards and stops all projectiles, btw. yukari will be hard but the rest will be improved.
  11. (Will be updating this with free time and as info is confirmed) System changes: Now has 3 Persona Cards (Recharges faster than 4 persona cards when persona broken) Normals: New Dial A: 5AA - Shoulder tackle with the chair. Worse at picking up air opponents. Chain options similar to P4A. -3 on block. 5AAA - An uppercut that will confirm into a grab upon hit. ~-0 5AAAA - j.236a. Shadow 5AAA - P2 reduced from 600 to 400. 5B - Now 0 on block. Can no longer chain to 2b. 5B - Can now be charged to become larger. Forces spinstate on normal hit. +2 on block 5C - No longer a Fatal Counter starter, paralyzes on hit, dash cancelable. Can now chain into 2D. 2C - Dash cancelable 2B - Dash cancelable. j.C - Hitbox is worse, both hands have a hitbox now, Fatal Recovery, can't perform air actions afterwards. 5/2/j.D - Projectile invuln removed AoA - Can now move forward, increasing the startup and decreasing the advantage on block so it can have more range. Specials: Primal Force Added - [4] > 6 C/D, Takemikazuchi flies out and hits the opponent with a shoulder tackle. C version is fast with less range, D version is slow with more range. Takemikazuchi is left on screen after the attack, allowing you to do moves from that position (5D puts him back at Kanji's position). CH on hit, wallbounce on hit/ch? All version are plus on block. j.236A/B/AB added (For new combo routes, also allows for Kanji to attack from new angles in the air to make him harder to anti air) All versions are +1 on block. Have harsher proration than the ground versions. 214C no longer has invuln frames/ 214D Fatal Recovery, can now move forward at the expense of startup time. B+D Fatal Recovery Followup 236AB minimum damage lowered Follow up 236B added, Kanji jumps in a large arc similar to his normal 236B, can only combo after very + knockdowns (air sweep, fatal 214C/D/CD) (Allows for 5A pickup afterwards for combo extension) 236C angle changed to be more forward and outward, may have better tracking(?) Personaless 214C added (Does 250 damage, can chair followup(?), cannot use it during j.D or 236D. If OMC'd, has only 100 proration, allowing for a full combo) 214CD Paralyzes, now has invuln from frames 2-4. j.214A/B - 1/2 more frames of startup added (respectively) preventing combos from j.b > j.214A/B 2D recovery changed to reflect it's viability as a 5C > 2D cancel Startup on 236D/CD slightly increased(?) System changes Grab now starts up 3f faster (13 > 10) but no longer goes forward with dash momentum, but has better scaling Airgrab proration/damage nerfed Supers - 236236A - Startup frames changed from 3+8 to 4+7, making it a better reversal (harder to kara cancel into a roll on reaction) 236236AB - higher damage, causes wallbounce like Naoto's houtenjinesque kick (Critical Shot) 3750 damage raw. Can combo 236C or link 5C afterwards (5C will paralyze and that's about it) 214214C - One more frame of invuln and active added. 214214D added, 10f startup after superflash (allowing the opponent to jump out) but has 30f of invuln and twice as many active frames, allowing Kanji to invuln through more moves. 214214CD - 13f startup after flash, but moves further forward, has tons of invuln and does 5500 damage on hit. Personaless 214214C/D/CD - Exact same startup frames and invuln, but on successful grab, goes into 236236A/B/AB instead. Other: General combo damage will be way higher due to the existence of Fatal Recovery moves (Fatal 5A leads to 4k+ meterless easily) Air backdash distance nerfed, goes about half distance of current
  12. Yo Omex, are you planning to make a new Kanji Videolist for P4U2 or shall we use the original one?

  13. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    As a reminder, we DO have a video thread for P4U2 in the video forum, located here. Let's try to keep the good video content posted there so we all have a single location to look at for videos~
  14. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Yup, if it seemed like it was pet, it was pet. He's been saying 'Let's go play baseball~' ever since Kanji started getting nerfed ww
  15. Omex

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    no reason not to. 236a > 214a was a 3f gap iirc. updated the document with a yukari summary, didn't realize we never actually got one in previous loketests!