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    TSB In Osaka [Spring/Summer 2015]

    Any chance of having Vampire Savior as one of the tournament games? There's an active scene in Osaka, and many of the Japanese Vampire Savior players in Tokyo would be willing to travel to an event. You can look at the current entry llist for Mix Up Night #23 to get a feel for it, keep in mind that this is an all night event taking place on a normal two day weekend. You can toggle which games entrants you want to see to compare Vampiire Savior to UMVC3, keep in mind a number of players entered both. https://illtreatyou-mixupnight.rhcloud.com/
  2. Anakaris' hands can also be mashed to increase or reduce the damage (depending on which side of it you're on). This is pretty important as the damage difference is substantial, but a lot of people I play don't mash it.
  3. Prophet

    [VS] General Discussion

    Aren't Iron Horse and Fetus of God longer stages than the normal ones? I could be wrong about that, but if that's the case, I don't think they should be selectable.
  4. Distance & Method.

  5. When you say exactly like Bishamon's UB, are you referring to the distance, or just the general method?

  6. Spacing is very very important. exactly like Bishamon UB. opponent in corner, anak is a set distance away & does TK curse for the proxy drop.

  7. Prophet

    [VS] General Discussion

    Can I get some details on how TK Curse can be made unblockable? This is the first I've heard of it.
  8. Yeah I kind of feel the same way about it. I'm hoping it ends up being nothing.
  9. RUMOR June 2011: Here's something interesting that popped up recently. I was a little surprised it hasn't been posted here or in the SRK thread. Obviously this isn't anything solid, but even news as unreliable as this can be interesting to mull over when we have so little in regards to the Darkstalkers franchise. Regarding Darkstalkers 4: - The Japanese name is Vampire Resurrection. The Western release will be titled Darkstalkers 4: Vampire Resurrection. - It is in development, but it is still early on. It will be running on a modified SFxT engine. Don’t expect to see so much as a trailer for a few months at least, and no gameplay for a few months after that. - The only characters I know will be returning (as of now, it could still change) are Morrigan, Felicia, Hsien-ko, Demitri and B.B. Hood. The only new character I am aware of is apparently a human Dark Hunter named Will who wields two shotguns, and fights mainly by striking with them, but can also shoot. - It is being developed for PS3 and Vita only at the moment, but that could change in the future. Thoughts?
  10. Prophet

    [VS] General Discussion

    Ooh interesting, thanks for sharing.
  11. Prophet

    General Johnny Questions

    Ok I'll work on that. Is there a particular normal that would be best to practice with? I've just been practicing with f.S and 5.H.
  12. Prophet

    General Johnny Questions

    I have a quick question about Mist Canceling. Often times when I try to Mist Cancel a move, I'll cancel into coin instead. Am I hitting the button for Mist Finer to early, but my stick inputs are saved for when I try to cancel it with H? Or am I inputting H too fast? I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  13. Prophet

    [VS] Video Thread

    Really great tutorials Kyle! I love how thorough they are, the quantity of examples is very nice.
  14. Prophet

    [VS] General Discussion

    If it is something like 3SOE, I wonder if it will be removed from GGPO in the same fashion. If I recall correctly, gbursine reported that when he spoke to Seth about a possible VSOE, Seth said that would be almost more difficult than a new game. I may be remembering that wrong, if someone could confirm/deny that would be great.
  15. Prophet

    [CSE] Carl Changes and Discussion Thread

    So I heard that our j.2C kara throw airdash is gone in this version. Was it removed as a result of another change, or was it targeted specifically? I've been a little out of the